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Who’s RIGHT and Who’s WRONG?

When I released my book a few weeks ago on Amazon, one of the anxieties that came up for me immediately was the fear, “What if I’m wrong? What if I’m describing a spiritual truth in a way that is not the highest or most enlightened way?” And this thought has persisted, as I’ve ventured onto other endeavors in planning my tour and connecting with amazing people.

I’ve had this persistent anxiety that I’m going to read something by a great spiritual leader that will CONTRADICT the way I talk in my book, and reveal that I’m not that enlightened or that I’ve said something WRONG.

MANIFESTING: Embrace it or abolish it? Do we need to intend, attract, allow, or let go of the idea altogether?

FEAR: Transform it, face it, conquer it, or build a relationship with it?

Which way is the RIGHT way?

I thought I left the world of measurement when I left religion, but now I find that there is measurement, judgment and comparison in this “open” and spiritual world as well. I had a leader I admire recently treat me as sub-human simply because I have not read his/her book yet.

Here is the liberating and exciting TRUTH, my beloved friends:

There is no right or wrong way to express a spiritual truth. Truth is truth, and the beauty of our human community is in our individual uniqueness, our vast and magical diversity.

If we all expressed truth the exact same way – if we all AGREED on the same terminology, the same perspective on every spiritual nugget, how boring would that be?

We need to be careful that our search for spiritual treasure doesn’t lead us down the blinded path of the ONE RIGHT WAY, based on one particular teaching.

The only one TRUE way is found not in words, or in terminology, or in a certain teaching, but inside YOU. Your only true mission is to BE FULLY YOU.

As a spiritual teacher, my main goal is to direct you back to yourself. You have ALL the answers within you. You don’t need my book or anyone else’s to find what you already know inside your heart.

All of these books are great tools to guide us.

But be careful not to glorify one person or one teaching. You are your greatest teacher. Inside YOU is everything you’ve been looking for.

So let’s honor each other and our beautiful array of colors. There is no right or wrong way to express the song in your heart.

Can a song be wrong? Can a color be wrong?

“Somewhere beyond right and wrong there is a garden. I will meet you there.” –Rumi

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