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It’s a WHOLE New Life for Me — Coffee Time 73

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WOW I’ve missed you. It’s been almost half a year since I’ve been with you here on the newsletter and Coffee Time, and I am overjoyed to come out of hiding and be with you again. As I describe on the show today, I feel like my life will forever be viewed (by me) as BEFORE age 38, and AFTER age 38 — that is the momentous nature of this transitional time in my life. 

Vince and I have now completely ended our romantic relationship. The peace and love that remains is beyond description. As many of you know we’ve gone through a lot of breakups and there has always been something holding us together and bringing us back together, and we finally realized that the connection is ultimately REAL and GOOD, but it’s not meant to be romantic or attached anymore. We both feel such a peace and freedom in the completion of this part of our relationship, and also in the ability we have to love each other from afar. When a relationship has cycled through to completion, when you have learned everything you are meant to learn from that person, what remains is LOVE. It’s safe to let it go. And of COURSE it’s been very painful for me, because when I love, I love so deeply and because I made him my whole world for so long, but I ultimately came to a crossroads that was so clear, it was as if bright lights were written across the sky.

I had 2 choices:

1) Stay in a tight cocoon with this man I love, let him be everything to me, but lose myself and my whole destiny 


2) Let go of our attachment and receive EVERYTHING I’ve ever dreamed of 

When a relationship evolves to the point that you will lose YOURSELF if you stay in it, it’s time to end it. I am growing and expanding so fast, and it so clear to both of us that we are no longer meant to be romantic partners. And we both feel so much freedom and peace! Last year’s breakup didn’t have this level of peace and finality, there was still an open door, and there was meant to be one. There are no mistakes on this journey, only loving and learning. And when the time ultimately came for us to completely let each other go, it was actually pretty easy. Like a piece of fruit that was so ripe, it was just ready to fall.

I talked to him last night and he told me to tell all of you that he is so happy and free and he will do a video tomorrow so you can see his happiness. And here is an example of the unconditional love that he still has for me. He texted me last night, “You are a great friend Noelle and I’m so excited to see what you will do now. I don’t worry about you at all. I know you are going to touch this world in a bigger way than either of us even know right now.”

WOW! He’s amazing. And so many of you may be thinking, “Why on earth would you let such a great guy go?!?” And that has been the difficult part for me because he is so awesome, but as I have followed my journey of becoming EVERYTHING I’m meant to be, as I have continually asked myself, “Who am I TRULY? What do I really DESIRE?” the differences in our life paths and in our desires have become HUGE and unmistakable. We are vibrating on completely different energetic levels. To try to stay together (and believe me, we have TRIED!) would be to force each other to be something we’re not. And no relationship is worth losing yourself. 

I am in Minnesota living with my parents while I discover what’s next for me on this exciting journey, and he is in Texas living in the van, exploring his new life. I hope you will watch Coffee Time today to see more of the full story. There’s an intense journey I’ve been on recently to heal the “hole in my heart” that has caused me to choose comfort and the illusion of safety over passion, and you will hear more about that on the show today. 

Don’t grieve for us. 
Celebrate with us, that we are free!
Free to live, free to be who we are, free to choose passion and adventure and destiny!

I’m elated to be with you again. If you are excited to hear from me, would you respond to this email and tell me? I would love to hear from you. It’s been way too long and it would bless my heart to know you’re out there listening. I love you so much.

See you next week!

All my love,


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