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“Who Is Your Intended Audience In All of This?” Response to Kimiko’s Great Question

Yesterday my friend Kimiko from college asked some great questions publicly on Facebook about WHO I’m intending to reach with my message.

She said,

Who is your intended audience in all of this? Are you trying to engage Christians and change our minds? Are you trying to speak to people who think like you? Do you feel a need to virtually “come out” with your changed beliefs? I am interested in hearing from you and honestly challenging (while listening to) some of your conclusions, but I’m not sure that’s what you really want?

Kimiko, I love your GREAT questions about who my intended audience is. I do have a very clear picture of my audience in my mind and heart, and I will describe that to you in this post.

First, what I’m NOT doing:

I am not expecting or trying to change the minds of Christians. I am not just looking for people who agree with me and are already clear about these ideas. I am not just blasting my controversial ideas to the world because of a personal need to ‘come out’.

When I first became crystal clear about my life mission (a little over a year ago), I was thrilled to see the clarity of what God had called me to do, and yet my heart sank, knowing that in order to get to my intended audience I would have to deal with intense controversy.

I do not like conflict or controversy.

I would love a world where everyone agrees about everything.

So to see my life mission ahead of me, filled with offending people, seemed too impossible to fathom for my peaceful, sweet, and sensitive spirit.

I hope this background helps everyone see what a BIG deal it is what I’m doing and how much passion I have for this message, that I’m willing to put myself out there on Facebook to a predominantly strong, Bible-believing Christian audience. Most of the people who are publicly commenting are not my intended audience. I realize I’m addressing these posts to “Christians”, but my audience is not the HUGE and entire group of people in the world who follow Christianity. As I’ve said many times in my blog, I respect and honor Christians who love their faith and who are not searching beyond it. I don’t have any desire to convince you of anything. And I don’t have any fear for you, (as you might have for me) because I know that we are all safe and secure for eternity, whether we know it or not.

My eyes are set like laser beams of love on the hungry, the broken, the ones who are seeking, those who are longing for MORE. My true audience is anyone who is spiritually open and hungry, and most specifically, Christians who are not satisfied with Christianity, or with church, those who already have one foot out the door but don’t know what to think anymore or where to go.

These are the people I am seeking to reach. My intention is not to change minds,

it’s to give Life and Love and Truth to hearts that are already open.

open heart

For my true audience, my words are already resonating with what they already know deep within them,

my words are like fresh water in a dry desert.

My audience is represented by the people who have sent me private messages telling me to keep going, to not give up, because they are silently resonating with my words, and inspired by my bravery to speak this stuff boldly that they have kept inside. I don’t blame them for not posting their comments publicly – it’s kind of a shit storm on my Facebook page – who would want to get in the middle of that, especially if you’re seeking and searching and asking big questions?

I’m not trying to offend people – I HATE offending people – but if that’s what I have to go through in order to reach people who are searching, then so be it. It’s SO worth it.

My heart is for people like me, the ME from about 2 years ago, who was not satisfied with church, but felt guilty about it. My heart is for people like that former, searching Noelle who knew there was more, who knew that her personal journey was calling her beyond the limits of the Bible and Christian theology.

So to answer your question about whether I want to debate with you or not:  I’m not seeking debating, because these truths are only Life to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, for those whose hearts are open.  As Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”

However, there is value for me in having a give and take conversation like the one I’m having with Nathan, because it helps me clarify HOW to best communicate my important message to my intended audience. I don’t have any intention to change Nathan’s mind. I’m using the conversation to help me grow in my ability to communicate, and also to expand my message because he is bringing up topics I wanted to talk about anyway. So if you have ideas that you want to discuss, I am open to that, and I am not approaching you as someone I want to convince. However, I have my intended topics that I’m passionate to move forward with, and if your comments don’t inspire me, then I won’t respond. But if I don’t respond, don’t think that I’m disrespecting you or ignoring what you’re saying.

I’m just extremely focused on my mission to awaken the seeking hearts of the world to the exciting truth about their magnificent identity and destiny!

Photo Credit: Jeremy Brooks

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  • vince4242 November 9, 2014, 7:19 pm

    Sorry posted on the wrong blog…

  • vince4242 November 9, 2014, 7:18 pm

    The more we fight against something or someone the more power we give that thing…surrender the struggle to God and see just how quickly the struggle disappears.

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