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What If You Already ARE Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Of?

beautiful path

I am nearing the end of my 3rd year of working full-time in my dreams.

When I started this journey – when I took that leap of leaving the corporate world – I did it because I was following my heart.

I didn’t know exactly what my path would look like or exactly what I would do, but I knew I had to listen to the deep cry in my heart to find my highest destiny, to go after my dreams —

as scary and unknown as the journey seemed.

The pain of living a life that didn’t fulfill my deepest longings,

a life where I had to numb my desires just to get through the day,

a life of being someone I didn’t really want to be –

when the pain of all that got stronger than my fear of the unknown,

I jumped.

I took the leap.

I jumped off the cliff.

And when I look at my life now, although it doesn’t look exactly the way I thought it would, I am utterly amazed at where this path has led me.

It has led me to an incredible discovery – the thing deep down I’ve always been searching for, but didn’t know it –

it has led me to the discovery

of a priceless treasure.

I have been journaling since I was 12, but it was always sporadic, up until 3 years ago. There is rarely a day now when I don’t journal.

It has become

my daily delight,

my deep and dependable connection to Spirit and to myself.

Recently I have seen the value in my journals – I always thought it was just fun,

just for me,

but now I’ve discovered that there is real treasure in my journals, so I’ve started digitizing them.

I am in the middle of typing into my computer every word I’ve ever hand-written.

Little did I know, that this process would reveal deep and incredible mysteries – ones that I can see now, simply because I’m looking at my life from a timeless perspective. When you step outside of your life and take a good long look at it, you see things that you just can’t see when you’re living in your daily reality.

The treasure I’m finding in these journals of mine, this magical journey of looking at my life as a whole, is having powerful results in my life.

I want to ATTEMPT to capture right now in words what this process is doing for me, but I know I won’t be able to totally do it justice.

It’s a magical feeling.

It’s a sneaking suspicion,

a tantalizing truth,

an amazing reality.

It’s like I’m walking on a beautiful path and I’m just about to turn the corner, and even before I get to the bend in the road,

I can smell it,

see it,

feel it,

hear it:

there are all these waves of colorful light beaming from around the bend, it’s calling to me,

drawing me closer –

it’s the knowledge that the glorious fragrance,

the faint but enticing melodies,

the glimpses of radiant light,

are not even a fraction of the


that awaits me around the bend.

It’s the knowledge that it’s too good to be true,

that it’s BETTER than I’ve conceived or dreamed of,

and that this GIFT,



is discovering:


Discovering that Noelle is HERE.

That everything I’ve dreamed of becoming has happened,

that WHO I AM

is more thrilling, more radiant, more exciting, more magnificent,

than I ever dreamed possible.

It’s the discovery of ME – that I truly AM that person I’ve always dreamed of being.


the only thing I EVER LACKED,

the only thing that needed healing,

was my ability to


I’ve always been here: fully radiant, fully magnificent, fully divine.

And that these past 3 years of internal discovery,

of excavating my internal landscape,

have all been for ONE PURPOSE:

for ME to SEE


Because all I’ve ever needed was to SEE it for myself.

To see my radiance, to see that I am the treasure.

That I’ve never, ever, lacked ANYTHING.

You see, I thought these first 3 years would be about external success – that I would be giving big concerts by now, speaking and traveling around the world sharing my gifts, several books published and huge success. And I have no doubts that all of that will happen.

But I have found something SO MUCH GREATER than any external success could ever give me:

I have found that I already am everything I’ve ever dreamed of

I’ve always been here, but now I can SEE.

So what if YOU already have inside you everything you’ve ever dreamed of, and the only thing you’re lacking, is the ability to truly


I’m here to tell you, it’s not a matter of “What if?”.

It’s the truth:

You have all the answers inside you.

You ARE the treasure you are seeking.

So look within.

Quiet all the voices that pull you in every other direction.

Listen to YOU.

That’s where the true treasure is, that’s where the answers are.

Jesus said, “the Kingdom of God is within you.”

So why are you looking everywhere else?

Listen to your desires, listen to your heart, listen to the ache that calls to you in the night.

And maybe, just maybe,

you will find what you’ve always been searching for, but didn’t know it:

you will find the

magnificent treasure,

of YOU.

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