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How to Trust Yourself – ALWAYS Trust Your Desires – Coffee Time 68

Trust your DESIRES
Do you know that your desires are good? Do you know that they lead you to your purpose, to your destiny, to your best self? Do you know how to trust your desires and your energy, EVEN when it seems crazy or when others judge you for doing so?
This practice of learning to hear my own voice, trust my own voice, and fully trust my heart is one of the greatest JOYS of my life. It has brought freedom and bliss beyond description, to learn how to trust myself, after DECADES of thinking I couldn’t or shouldn’t. And these past couple weeks I’ve experienced yet ANOTHER powerful example of how I know that TRUSTING my desires is always the way to live.
Remember a couple of weeks ago when I told you we were looking for a Marketing Director? It was Coffee Time 65, and in that episode I passionately described the person Team Noelle is looking for, who can finally do all the marketing that needs to be done to bring my mission-driven business to the next level. I also told you how much I HATE anything to do with marketing, and that I KNEW I needed to trust that it just wasn’t my thing. That my thing is creating and leading. And I also told you that I was OPEN. I was open to HOWEVER LIFE wanted to provide for this need in my business. For years, I have known that marketing was the missing piece to get my message to a larger audience. And for years I have trusted that I was NOT the one to do it. How did I know I wasn’t the one? Because I didn’t WANT to. And I never do ANYTHING I don’t want to do.
After I declared what I needed in a marketing person a couple weeks ago — and because I had such CLARITY about what I needed next in my business, Life began orchestrating that resource to come to me.
But it was not in the way I EVER imagined. All of a sudden, Life provided the marketing resource by flooding ME with off the charts, ecstatic energy to do the marketing myself.
Wait a SECOND.
WHAT the?!?!?
YES. ME. I was flooded with passion and energy for marketing, and so was Vince.
We are a crazy energized, powerful marketing team now. We are learning everything we need about optimizing YouTube, Social Media, all the ins and out of online marketing, promotion, and on and on and on. All the stuff I’ve had a total aversion to for years, is now the stuff I’m passionately, easily, ecstatically doing. Hours and hours and hours every day.
Now, this doesn’t mean that we won’t hire a marketing director at some point. Obviously we will. But right now, in order to fill this role, Life flooded me and Vince with the DESIRE and ENERGY to do it ourselves.
If I had just forced myself to do it years ago or months ago when I first realized that marketing was the missing piece, I would have hated it. I chose to trust. And because I trusted, the energy that is now flooding my veins to market my business is so overwhelming, my body can hardly keep up.
It’s extremely exciting, and I am in AWE. I am in AWE of life. I am in AWE at how fully I can trust my energy and desires. I am in AWE at how easy and fun this marketing stuff is now, when just a few weeks ago it was the LAST thing I would EVER have wanted to do.
This is proof that you can always trust your desires. They will lead you. Trust your energy. Even when you feel crazy for doing so.
In the right time, in the right moment, when you are truly ready, Life will always give you the resources you need. When you TRUST, Life will give you the energy you need to do whatever it is your mission calls you to do. Don’t push. Don’t stress. Trust.
Trust that there is a magical way to live. Trust that in the right time, you will have what you need. Trust that your heart will lead you to your destiny, as well as to all the resources you need to fulfill that destiny.
If this idea inspires you at all, I URGE you to watch today’s show. Reading this blog post does not begin to compare to the energy and joy you will experience from hearing me tell you this full story today. I’m just a LITTLE excited. 😉 And there’s so much more to share!!! If your desire leads you, I’ll see you there.

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