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It’s Time to Let go of ALL LIMITS – Coffee Time 75

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I gotta tell you, there is something very special about today’s Coffee Time episode. I recorded it very spontaneously, completely off my normal schedule, and the flow of energy astounded me. I completely lost track of time, and couldn’t believe that it had been 40 minutes.

It felt like 10.

Even if you don’t normally watch Coffee Time, if you are one who just reads and doesn’t watch, I urge you to consider watching today. There is life and truth and mind-blowing inspiration that you’re gonna want to receive from today’s show. I truly believe that today’s episode is going to uplift and awaken many people. As I was editing it, my own energy kept rising higher and higher into ecstatic joy as I listened to what I had said on this video. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO SEE IT. It’s on a whole new level. Something BIG happened in me this week.

Today we’re talking about letting go of limits. I felt God speak to me very strongly this week that it’s time to let go of ALL limiting thoughts. And as I practiced letting go, as I asked God to bring any limiting thoughts I have to the surface, 2 main LIMITS were highlighted. They are limits that we all struggle with. I am not going to tell you what they are because I feel very strongly that you are supposed to watch this video. You will learn all about them on the video.

I’m going to share with you a message straight out of my journal that will give you a TASTE of the exciting shift that happened this week in me. I often have messages that come to me from Spirit/God/My Higher Self and I write them down in my journal. Here is one that came very strongly, just a few days after the breakup when I was still in trauma and shock, so I couldn’t even PROCESS or FEEL this message at all. That’s what gives me such confidence that it came straight from above. I found it in my journal this week, and the JOY and truth of it hit me. This message is not just for me, it’s for ALL of us. Can you receive it?

Let go of all plans and dreams you’ve had up until this point. Let new dreams, the BIG visions, the ideas come in a new way. Don’t put ANY LIMITS on what you are capable of doing now, on what you are capable of ATTRACTING into your life. There are no more BLOCKS, and the MIRACLES on their way to you are gonna ASTONISH YOU.

You’ve established limits in your mind because of your past experiences. It’s important to let them go and to learn to think BIGGER and WILDER, to dream and ALLOW all the biggest desires to materialize, easily.

Nothing will be blocked from you now.

As soon as you are READY for something and TRULY want it, it will happen.

No struggle, no difficulty.

The POWER you have right now is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

FOCUS on consciously removing ANY and ALL obstacles you are used to having.

There are NO LIMITS for you. So let yourself DREAM like never before. You are connected FULLY to all the support and resources of the universe.

The way is now CLEAR.

Just search your heart for what you TRULY want, and it will come to you.”

2016 was a difficult year for a lot people, including me. But the pain of this past year dug the well deep in all of us so we are ready to RECEIVE the blessing and huge wave of destiny that is here for us in 2017. Get ready for BIG miracles. This is a new season. It’s a new day. It’s TIME to be limitless and FREE.

It there a dream burning in your heart?

That dream, that burning desire, is your calling and your mission. The time to rise is NOW. The time to let go of all limits is NOW. There is work to be done, and YOU are a vital part of that work.

Will you join me?

P.S. Do you know of someone who would benefit from this message? Please share this with as many people as possible. Let’s reach the world together!

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