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There is Room for Me to Be ME

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Can you feel the shift? There is energy and momentum increasing in the awakening of the planet. You may be noticing all of the horrible traumatic events taking place all over the world, but I am noticing the increase in connections and people who are waking up spiritually. There is no shortage of connections for me right now . . it’s full and incredible – there are people everywhere who are alive and awake! We are living in exciting times!

And as I feel the connection growing with beautiful souls all over the world who are resonating with me and I am finding just how many of us awakening souls there are, it’s AMAZING.

BUT it’s also brought a struggle into my life:

comparing myself to others.

As I meet all of these amazing people who are doing missions similar to mine and have gifts similar to mine, I start to doubt myself. I start to doubt that I’m special or different like I hoped I was, that my mission is unique, that there is even a place for me. And as this egoic train of thought continues, I catch myself spiraling into a slight depression.

So I took this struggle to my journal this morning, and I WOKE myself up!

And here’s what I wrote to myself:

“This is NOT about levels of greatness. We are ALL equally amazing. We simply have different ROLES on this earth. YES. Can I simply allow myself to feel the ecstasy of the unique role that I’m destined to have, without thinking that it in some way diminishes someone else? There is room for me to be me, and you to be you. In fact, we all NEED you to be you.”

And I realized that although I am discovering people with similar talents and missions, the world still needs ME. There is no one quite like me. I may be similar to others, but I am not EXACTLY like anyone else. And there is a portion of this world who desperately needs Noelle to be fully Noelle. So I can let go of comparisons that steal my joy, and just TRUST the visions of my role on this earth that bring me the MOST joy.

This weekend I was connecting with a new friend who has a dream of being a real estate agent in the Florida Keys. When she talks about this dream, she LIGHTS UP. Her voice gets stronger and her energy radiates and you almost feel for a moment like YOU’d like to go be a real estate agent, such is the contagious nature of her joy on the subject.

And this encourages me.

Because she doesn’t have a dream of singing and speaking to huge crowds and changing the world. She wouldn’t want that, anymore than I would want to be a real estate agent. But her role is just as important as mine, and vice versa. No dream is too big or too small. There’s no measurement in destiny. The only thing we need, is to follow the dream that makes us feel MOST alive. If your dream is to live a simple life, and just BE, then that is how you will change the world. You don’t need to want a world-wide mission of awakening like I do.

So let’s just allow ourselves to be EXACTLY, FULLY who we are and to follow the dreams that make us ECSTASTIC, even if it doesn’t seem like a NORMAL dream.

There is room for you to be you and me to be me.

Follow that unique feeling and vision that makes you feel ECSTATIC today. Trust it. It’s yours. No one can take it from you and no one else wants it. It’s yours to enjoy – so dream big or dream small, or something in between. Whatever you MOST desire, is what you’re MEANT to have!!

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