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There Is NO Spiritual Battle (#6 of 10 Things My Hero Jesus Wants To Say To Christians)

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My entire life as a Christian, I saw life as a battle, because that is how the Bible describes it. I learned that there is an Enemy named Satan, along with all his demons who follow him. I am not going to pretend to be an expert on what actually exists in the spiritual realms, but I am going to share my personal experiences that point to the sneaking suspicion I have that there is no enemy named Satan and there are no actual demons.

And more than that, I’m going to show you today that whether you believe there is an actual spiritual enemy or not, doesn’t change anything about the way to overcome this issue. There is an amazing way you can approach life that will make everything simple, effortless, joyful, and will eliminate ALL ‘spiritual battles’ (whether they were ever real or not).

Let’s take my addiction to alcohol. The moment I realized that alcohol had become an addiction and something I couldn’t control, I viewed it as a battle. Through my Christian lens, I saw that the Enemy was using alcohol to take me down, to take me away from God, to destroy my life. I believed Satan was using demons to entice me into certain situations where I would end up drinking when I didn’t want to. I was convinced this was a major spiritual battle for my life. It was an intense roller coaster, and everything confirmed my belief that this was a battle against the Enemy. God was fighting for me, and the spiritual realms of darkness were fighting against me.

Alcoholics Anonymous confirmed this for me, as well as Christian recovery groups. I was told I was lost and damaged, sinful and blind, and my only hope was to admit my weakness and be saved by the cross. Daily. I was told, in treatment centers, AA, and Celebrate Recovery that this was a daily battle and that I would need to surrender it daily. It was a disease that would be with me forever, and that I needed to stand guard every day of my life so I would not succumb to the Enemy’s deception, trying to lure me back.

This line of thinking resulted in lots of giving in and going back to drinking. Saying “I Am an Alcoholic”, “I am powerless”, solidified my identity as weak and damaged. These affirmations kept me returning to alcohol, because I didn’t really feel great about who I was, when I was constantly affirming my addiction as part of my identity!

The turning point with this ‘battle’ was when I gave up thinking of it as a battle. I embraced this ‘love’ for alcohol, and stopped shaming myself for the desire. I affirmed my worth and value, and I refused to agree with all the voices telling me that this was a disease, a battle, that I would have to fight forever. I decided I didn’t want to fight in a battle, and I didn’t want to see myself as diseased. But I also knew I needed clarity from the Spirit, from God, to know how to get free.

And my clarity came instantly, the moment I decided that this would not be a battle. I decided that even if it meant I would keep drinking, I was NOT going to fight this for the rest of my life. And the minute I let go of the battle, my true highest voice of DESIRE filled my heart, and I saw the reality of what alcohol was doing to my life. I realized I didn’t need God to flash the answer in bright lights in the sky, telling me what to do. I could trust my own highest desire, which was crystal clear the moment I let go of the ‘battle’.

I realized the true Noelle, who is a leader, magnificent, and strong – that powerful person didn’t really want to drink anymore. The minute I decided there was NO battle, I was free from the battle.

I have not had a drink since, and more than that, I don’t ever THINK about drinking. I’m so excited about my life,

who I am,

my passionate purpose,

my constant and thrilling connection to God,

that I never have any thoughts of wanting to drink anymore.

It’s been years since I had a drink.

(To see me tell this amazing story on YouTube of my freedom from alcohol addiction, click HERE.)

This is just the beginning of this huge topic, but I want you to know that the only battles in your life are the ones you decide will be a battle. When I stopped fighting Satan, he ceased to exist for me. Even Christianity tells us that the Enemy only has the power we give him, so the answer is the same, whether you believe in an ‘enemy’ or not.

Once you embrace everything that comes to you, and see that your true identity is amazing, strong, and powerful, you will realize that nothing has to be a battle anymore.

You are stronger than anything that comes your way.

You are already fully connected to God, and as you surrender to LOVE, you can trust all your desires to lead you to your perfect path.

There is NO spiritual battle, when you see how magnificent and powerful you really are!

Photo Credit: giddygoose

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  • vince4242 November 9, 2014, 7:18 pm

    The more we fight against something or someone the more power we give that thing…surrender the struggle to God and see just how quickly the struggle disappears.

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