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The Moment You Realize Everything You Thought Was Important, Is NOT Important At All

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What are you stressed about today? What feels heavy? Maybe you have a big job interview, or you are concerned about your ever-growing debt, or you just got a traffic ticket. Maybe you just had a fight with your spouse, or you woke up and didn’t want to go to work today. Maybe life just feels dull, or you wonder if you will ever follow through on your deepest desires, the stuff you really care about but never seem to do anything about.

Or maybe you’re like me, and you are living in the life of your wildest dreams, but as each new amazing opportunity comes, there is that dreaded feeling of heaviness, of uncomfortability that comes along with each new RISING.

At each new level of rising, there is a new challenge. Something that feels outside of our comfort zone. For me this week, it’s an interview with Dr. Steve McSwain, one of my heroes. I’ve been looking forward to this interview for a long time, and now that it’s here, I’ve been trying to avoid the fact that it feels BIG to me, and that there is that accompanying dreaded pressure that comes along with anything that feels BIG or IMPORTANT in my destiny. I have dreamed of being interviewed, and now it’s here.

And my previous mantra has been to ‘get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable’. But this morning, as I sit here in this cozy Starbucks with the rain falling in Redding, California, living smack dab in the middle of my romantic dream life, I am refusing to accept that mantra.

Why does it have to be uncomfortable?

Why do I have to accept the numbness, the anxiety, or the feeling of being uneasy?

I’m ready to accept a new reality when it comes to rising.

And as soon as I wrote down in my journal, “I refuse to accept that I need to feel uncomfortable at each new level,” it dawned on me that this was just another limit the world has always told me, that I chose to agree with.

What if I decided that as each new ‘big’ opportunity crosses my path, I can be completely at ease? Joyful, excited, relaxed. No uneasiness, no uncomfortability, just ease and peace. How would that feel?

Now THAT excites me. Refusing to accept the feeling of heaviness.

And the answer to EVERYTHING feeling LIGHT, is to realize, that I don’t NEED any of this.

I don’t NEED anything to come from this interview.

I don’t NEED anyone to like my book.

I don’t NEED anyone to show up at my first full-day workshop in Calgary.

I don’t NEED anyone to read my blog.

I am doing all of this simply because I LOVE DOING it.

When you realize you don’t NEED anything more to happen, that you are already completely happy and complete, everything loses its heaviness.

Vince and I live in a van as we are touring the country, and we bought the full Seinfeld DVD series so we would have something funny to watch in the evenings. It’s so fun watching this show from the beginning!

In one of the accompanying documentaries about the creation of the show, Jerry Seinfeld told the story of when they were in the first talks with the NBC executives.

The big-wigs at NBC wanted to change a lot of the script that he and Larry David had written, and Seinfeld replied with a smile,

“No, we’re not gonna make any of those changes.”

And the NBC people said firmly, “You realize that we are the big important people at NBC who have the power over your show, right?”

And Seinfeld calmly replied with his signature grin,

“Yes, that’s fine. I don’t need this show. I am perfectly happy to go back to doing stand up.”

And NBC relented and gave Larry David and Seinfeld complete control of the show.

Your power and ease returns to you when you realize that you don’t NEED anything more than you currently have.

You may WANT more, but you don’t NEED more.

And that’s power.

That’s when everything you realize you don’t NEED, comes to you effortlessly.

We are in a matrix. We look around and see our money system, our job, health insurance, our bodies, and we think all of this is really important and serious.

But it’s not.

We’re in a video game.

The thing we fear the most – death – is actually a FULL entrance into the realm of MAGIC, PURE LOVE — it’s when the veil is lifted.

It’s why I love funerals, because I can feel the other side, I can feel what really matters.

When you realize that everything is actually upside down – that your worst-case scenario is actually the best-case scenario, suddenly life becomes clear.

All the stuff that seemed so important, suddenly becomes insanely meaningless, and all the stuff that seemed meaningless, suddenly becomes insanely REAL and wonderful.

And you realize that the stuff that’s REAL,


none of it is heavy.

Can I EMBODY this? Can I LIVE in this? YES.

Can I live my life like it IS the movie? YES.

It’s the lightness of Seinfeld, knowing he just wanted to make people laugh and do what he loved, and that he didn’t need a TV show in order to do that.

I refuse to ACCEPT that my life has to be UNCOMFORTABLE as I rise. Was the little 8-year-old Sophia Grace uncomfortable when she first went on the Ellen Show?

I think if you watch that interview you will see nothing but pure JOY.

The excitement of a little girl who didn’t know there was anything BIG or IMPORTANT to be scared of or to feel uneasy about.

I REFUSE to accept that any of this needs to freak me out.

This is a GAME.

I refuse to accept that it’s HEAVY, DIFFICULT, IMPORTANT, or SERIOUS.

It’s just NOT.

I refuse to accept these invisible LIMITS. It’s time to WAKE UP.

How fully can I transcend these limits that everyone around me is embracing as real?



I UNDERSTAND! I am observing all of this from a SAFE PLACE.

I am OUTSIDE of these limits.

I want to lift people out of this illusion of the complicated.

I embrace the SIMPLE. The MAGIC. Joy. Love.

Whatever you think is important, will BE important to you.

Can you look at life from a different perspective?

Can you turn it upside down,

and set yourself FREE?

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  • Debbie May 29, 2015, 4:01 am

    “When you realize you don’t NEED anything more to happen, that you are already completely happy and complete, everything loses its heaviness.”

    Noelle, your above statement says it all for me, I am happy because I have enough. When you are happy with enough, you don’t need more and you begin to feel the freedom of happiness with enough. Enjoyed this.

    • Noelle Marie Amendola May 30, 2015, 9:49 am

      Hi Debbie – YAY thank you for your comment and I am so happy that you can relate! It’s an amazing feeling that we have found, isn’t it? And yet I am a big dreamer and I continue to dream of more, but the way I stay balanced and happy is to always feel the completeness of my life already. If we don’t know how to stop and celebrate what we already have, we will never experience the joy of life. So happy to connect with you here – blessings!!!! Love, Noelle

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