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The First Tour is Completed – Time to CELEBRATE!!!

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I am very surprised that I am writing to you today from Colorado. Yes, that’s right.  For the moment I am right back in Longmont, CO where I started this tour 3 months ago.

The winds of Spirit drew us suddenly back here, one month earlier than we originally planned. I feel a huge SHIFT and realize that this first tour is now completed and we are ready for whatever is next.  And so now it’s time to take inventory and CELEBRATE everything that has happened since we packed up our lives and left life as we knew it back on January 31, 2015 — almost 3 months ago exactly.

When we left on this tour, we didn’t have a clear picture of what it would be, and we knew we were stepping into an adventure in TRUST. I had ideas – I thought it would be about big events and lots of book signings and lots of connecting in person with people, spreading our message of JOY and LOVE.

It turned out to be something VERY different than that, and as I look at all that has happened in these 3 months both internally and externally, I am absolutely AMAZED and I see that what has ACTUALLY happened is BETTER than anything I dreamed of happening. It’s blowing my mind!!!

In my journal this morning, I documented everything into “BEFORE TOUR” and “AFTER TOUR” categories. It’s astonishing to look at what Spirit has accomplished in us and through us in just 3 short months.

And it’s WAY too much to detail here, so here are the HIGHLIGHTS:

1) Before tour, we had an apartment, 2 cars, and a bunch of stuff. We had a DREAM of living a simplified nomadic life in a Sprinter van with all our time free and traveling the world.

After tour, our DREAM has become a reality: We sold all our stuff, and everything we own fits into our new tiny home. We live an adventurous, simplified life and we received our exact dream of a Sprinter van and we now live a life of traveling and adventure!!!!

2) Before tour, I had a brand new book, Bliss Beyond Belief, with a fairly small reader audience. I had a DREAM of my audience growing, doing book signings and interviews.

After tour, my audience has grown, I have had many more book sales and received the profits from them, I have 7 FIVE-Star reviews on Amazon, AND I had 2 AMAZING interviews: one with Mark from Happily Houseless YouTube, and one insanely life-changing one with Dr. Steve McSwain.  Check out that interview here. Also, I have a really good start on my 2nd book, Life Beyond Fear.

3) Before tour, I had a distant dream of starting a School that would allow me to teach people everything I’ve learned about walking into a dream life and living a life in Spirit.

After tour, the School is a living and breathing REALITY!!! I have 7 incredible students, the first course is almost completed and we are launching into the next session of the school soon, with coaches working for me and people’s lives being changed. This happened SO MUCH FASTER than I ever envisioned it would! I thought it would be decades before I was able to realize this dream!!!  Incredible.

4) Before Tour, I had a VERY passionate, life-long, yet seemingly distant dream of recording a music album.

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After tour, this dream has become a reality!!  I recorded the album in the van in Portland, and I received a generous donation which allowed me to have it professionally mixed and mastered. “Music of Me” which includes 14 songs by yours truly will be released within the next couple of weeks!!! I am blown away that this happened so fast!! Truly a MIRACLE.

5) Before tour, I had a dream of having a better, more professional website – one that would more beautifully and elegantly be my online face to the world and would incorporate my blog.

After tour, this new website, designed by the fabulous Deborah Penner, is about to be launched!  It is fast becoming a reality and I can’t wait to show it to you soon.

6) And most importantly, before tour, I had a DREAM of being a confident writer, singer, speaker.  I envisioned being able to speak and sing and write with confidence and ease.

After tour, this has definitely become a reality!!! As I have lectured at the Changing Hands Bookstore in Phoenix and recorded each lecture video for the School, recorded the music album, and felt all fear in my writing being released as I write the book, Life Beyond Fear, I feel the new insane level of confidence I have.  I no longer doubt myself or worry about my ability to speak, sing, or write.  I no longer have to memorize my speeches.  The words just FLOW as I trust in Spirit to guide me.

The biggest thing this tour has given me is a new picture, a new reality of WHO I AM. The old is gone, the new is HERE!

So what’s next?

Vince and I will be spending the week with our beautiful daughter, gearing up for the next session of the School for Dreamers, finishing the new website, and other than that . . . it’s anybody’s guess what’s next.

If there is one thing we learned most fully while on this first tour, it’s that fully TRUSTING in Spirit’s guidance EVERY MOMENT is the KEY to adventure, miracles, and dreams becoming reality.

There is no way I could plan what to do next, better than Life can plan it for me.  So I sit here today, back where I started, but definitely NOT the same person who sat here just three short months ago.

I am CELEBRATING the insane miracles that have happened, looking with anticipation and adventure at the road ahead.

And simply saying . . . Thank you LIFE! Thank you SPIRIT!! Look at what You’ve done in my life!

I am ready.

I am here.

Use me!

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  • YesRising May 25, 2015, 7:56 pm

    Noelle, I love hearing this stuff! I am so all about the dream! It is so important that you are sharing all your travels and work with everyone – so thank you for doing so! xoxo Richard

    • Noelle Marie Amendola May 28, 2015, 2:54 pm

      Thank you so much Richard!! you’re so welcome and thank you for reading and commenting! Blessings and love, Noelle

  • catherineantle April 27, 2015, 12:12 pm

    so very happy for you! sorry i won’t see you in edmonton in may, however, things are always working out better than we often imagine they will! it’s been a busy few months for me and i’m launching into a new chapter of life as well and am waiting with baited breath to see how it will all come together. i’ve come to see that the two most important things we can do with this life is to forgive and to let go of fear. THAT is what i want to do, and to support others in doing. JOY is on the other side! All the very best as you continue this journey! <3

    • Noelle Marie Amendola May 28, 2015, 2:55 pm

      Thank you so much Catherine! I’m SO sorry it’s taken me so long to reply – life has been a little crazy full lately. I love the forgiveness and letting go of fear thing – yes HUGE! Great to hear from you, and to hear you are doing well. Blessings and LOVE!!! Noelle

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