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Noelle Marie’s Books

10 Steps COVER JPG 800x500A 55-page FREE eBook that teaches you how to move into the confident life you’ve always dreamed of. Confidence is NATURAL when you discover WHO you really are. This book is loaded with life-changing truth and insights that will begin helping you immediately. A must-read!!


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Activate Your Power and Launch Your DREAM Business

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In “Activate Your Power” Noelle shares the secrets she has learned of how to turn your  creative passions into a lucrative, thriving, mission-driven business. This book is FULL  of rich spiritual treasure that will allow you to unlock all of the power and insight that is  waiting to emerge from deep within you. Noelle writes from her recent amazing  experiences of launching her own dream businesses. Her accomplishments in just the  past year speak for themselves: 2 books, a successful talk show, the School for Dreamers,  her first music album, and The Awaken Weekly. This book will inspire you to see the  amazing possibilities available to you as you awaken to your own highest path through  the power of Vision, Seeking Within, Focus, Abundance, Boldness, and finally,  embracing your Uniqueness. This book will not just help you launch the business of your  dreams, it will change your life.

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Bliss Beyond Belief: The Journey Out of Pain Into Your Highest Destiny

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Bliss Beyond Belief is an inspirational memoir of the incredible life of Noelle Marie Amendola. Noelle uses her dramatic life experiences as the platform for motivating the reader to choose a life of purpose and passion. Due to the trauma of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of her Christian pastor, her journey led her through the darkness of depression, loneliness, addictions, divorce, and conversion to Islam. At her rock bottom moment in 2008, she had a LIFE-CHANGING spiritual encounter. All of this is covered within the first chapter, and the rest of the book is a powerful, motivating description of the magical life she has walked into as a result of her encounter with LOVE. Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of her life that has been revolutionized as she has learned to connect deeply with God by discovering her magnificence. With clarity, specifics, and tangible examples, she shows you how to walk into the life of your dreams. Get ready for a jam-packed, HIGHLY inspirational read with insights that are fresh and mind-blowing. If you are open to miracles and the possibility of transformation beyond religion, this book will change your life. Noelle writes from her heart in raw and candid detail, letting her life be the vulnerable conduit to your own life-changing experience.

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"Noelle’s Book goes beyond a self-help book it is a like a blue print of how to get face to face with your inner child. It is not a pretty place at first or easy to get to; in fact it takes amazing courage. As you read Noelle’s story you know you have in some way connected with one of the most inspirational people on this earth."

--Toni Carbone

"This is a true story about Life Transformation after spiritual encounter. I was fascinated with every chapter of this book, as I can relate to so many aspects. It gave me confidence that I am on the right path, as well as guidance on how to navigate in my life. I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially for those who want to create the Joyful Life they desire, and need a Real example on how Law of Attraction works. Great story!"

--Nadya Saltykova

Life Beyond Fear: Transforming Anxiety into Passionate Energy


Noelle suffered from acute anxiety for most of her life which caused her to be greatly inhibited, especially in her singing performances. The agony of consistently living below her potential because of FEAR was devastating. She has now moved completely beyond the crippling effects of anxiety by learning the secret of transforming this “enemy” into fuel for her destiny. In her new revolutionary book, Life Beyond Fear, she powerfully shares the life-changing insights she has learned on her journey in order to empower YOU to move beyond fear and anxiety in your own life.


Inspiring Nuggets from Noelle’s Heart

FRT Cover Nuggets JPG (516x800) Inspiring Nuggets is a collection of 118 empowering quotes and excerpts from Noelle’s    books, blog, songs, and teachings from the School for Dreamers. This quote book has  vibrant nature photos placed throughout the book. Lovingly compiled by her husband  Vince.




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