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Noelle is a classically-trained singer/songwriter whose poignant songs tell stories that are both uplifting and inspiring.  Her dynamic voice SOARS with hauntingly beautiful melodies over her own elegant piano accompaniments.   For most of her life she believed she was not “creative” and could not write music; now her prolific musical creativity is a life-changing force that can not be stopped.

Her first album, Music of Me, is available now digitally on CDbaby: and on iTunes and Google Play!

Music of Me


Noelle CD cover (800x688)Music of Me, Noelle’s first album is a gorgeous compilation of 14 of the most inspirational songs she has written in the past year.   The title song, Music of Me, is an anthem to the BLISS she has found as she has been able to fully unleash her creative potential as an artist.  The album begins with songs which describe her journey out of pain and insecurity into JOY and strength.   Next are several songs that tell the raw and passionate story of her relationship with her husband Vince.   Also included is the now popular “Change Me Prayer” (lyrics by Tosha Silver), poignant poems by Ray Berglund set to music, and an excerpt from the musical, “Noelle Remembers”.  As you let this album soak into your being, it will uplift your spirit and soothe your soul.

Music of Me is available on CDbaby: and iTunes!