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No More Shame for My Passionate Sensual Wild Side – Coffee Time 82

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I had a GINORMOUS breakthrough this week. As it is with most big breakthroughs, I had to journey through some darkness to get to the light. If you remember last week’s show, I was so excited to share with you how amazing it was to realize I was so strong and good without any man in my life at all. And it has been such an incredible feeling to find my center and home within myself. However, in the midst of that very real strength, I also felt an emptiness when this most recent guy I dated was no longer communicating with me. It was this feeling of being awakened to passion and fire and desire, and then STOP. Nothing. What now? At that point, I was faced with an important choice. A few nights ago I had a dark night of the soul when the strong voice from my past was very discouraging, saying:

“Now you have to be ok without any of that passion, Noelle. It’s just not time yet. You better take a bunch of time to heal, focus on yourself. And if that doesn’t sound good to you, you’re still pretty messed up. You’re probably REALLY messed up. Just like you were in your 20s. Sorry to say, but you’ve got problems. Did you really think you’d be able to handle dating again? Your desires are out of control. Get a grip.”

And THAT voice was extremely depressing, as you can imagine. But the next morning I made a very important choice. A choice I’ve never made before, in this area of my life. I said NO. I said NO to that shame message. I said YES to a different voice. And this voice was WAY more powerful and set me free. She said,

“Noelle, there’s nothing wrong with you! Don’t you see? You were awakened to this passion and desire for a reason. It’s time! Don’t look back, move forward! Your desires are good. You are whole. You are strong. This longing is not coming from need or lack, it’s arising out of the fullness of who you are. It’s time to embrace your passion and sensuality. No more shame for being YOU. This is a part of who you are that you are ready to explore. So explore! Enjoy!”

And what happened next was truly magical. The moment I embraced this desire, I felt free and alive and centered. I felt happy . . ecstatic! And this energy caused me to do a couple of posts on Facebook that led to some amazing connections with both men and women. It was so unexpected, fascinating, and simply wonderful the way my desires manifested so fast. I know I’m onto something here, and it’s just the very beginning. If you watch the show today, you’ll see a new fire and strength that’s been released in me. I’m recapturing a part of myself that I lost and hid long ago. These are exciting times, my friend.

I hope through my story you will be encouraged to embrace every part of your heart and desires. Whatever part of yourself you have felt ashamed of, is the very part that is longing to be set free and embraced. There is nothing wrong with you. You are whole. You can trust your heart. There’s so much good ahead!

I haven’t talked about money in a long time, but I feel excited to talk about it again and embrace my desire for it. If you are enriched by the work that I do, I would love to receive an energetic flow back from you in the form of a donation. It’s time for me to flourish in every way, and that includes financially. Money is wonderful and there’s no reason for there to be any stigma about. Those of us who are doing good work on the planet should be the ones who have the most wealth. Thank you in advance for supporting my work, which I LOVE doing. Even a $5 donation sends so much energy and love into my world. Thank you so much! Click here to donate:


P.S. Do you know of someone who would be encouraged by this message? Please share this with him/her today. Spread the PASSION!!

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