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Why the Movie “Eddie the Eagle” Inspired Me SO MUCH – Coffee Time 41


Have you ever gone to a movie that hit your heart in just the right place, at just the right time?


I have.

Last night I saw the true story movie, “Eddie the Eagle” about the 1988 Olympic ski jumper, Michael (Eddie) Edwards. I went by myself, sat in the very back row, and felt my heart being ripped out of my chest, while being intensely inspired, throughout the whole movie. I wept and wept.

I did NOT bring enough tissue.

This movie was beyond inspirational for me, it was life-changing. Or maybe life-awakening is a better way to describe it.

And I didn’t fully understand WHY it so deeply affected me, until I recorded Coffee Time 41 today.

As I was speaking about it on the show, it hit me:

This is ME. This is my journey.
I’m so affected by this movie, because I’m finally at that peak moment in my life, where I’ve JUMPED. Really jumped. Off the cliff. Faced my greatest fear.

After a lifetime of obstacles, pain, disappointment, disillusionment, heartbreak, fear, loneliness, and closed doors, my journey has brought me here.

To the place where my biggest, deepest dream, of being a singer, is finally coming true in an amazing, tangible, fulfilling way, because I jumped.

So as I watched this movie, watched Eddie as a little boy with his big dream, with no one to fully support him, all alone, battling everyone thinking he was crazy and silly, I guess I was feeling ME. Makes sense.

I was impacted greatly by the fact that he kept going,  year after year, despite all the obstacles. His desire was way stronger than the pain of the struggle and disappointments. It just blew me away, watching the strength of the human spirit, to what extent we can be abused, rejected, ignored, shamed, suffer, and still keep going, rise above all of it, time after time after time.

It’s beyond my understanding. It gives me chills and breaks my heart wide open.

The other thing that impacted me was seeing how the POWER that Eddie possessed had nothing to do with anything LOGICAL.

He had none of the things that would qualify a person to be an Olympic athlete:

Strong abilities as an athlete? Nope. (he was actually pretty weak physically, with not a lot of natural talent)

Experience? Nope.

Training? Nope. (he had hardly any)

Age? Nope. (was told he was way too old)

Finances? Nope. (no money)

Emotional support? Nope. (he had no one, except his mom, and most people ridiculed him, including his own father, country, and team)

So what was his power?

Eddie’s great limitless power, the thing that kept him going despite every setback and every heartbreak and every closed door, was his




The force of his desire was SO strong, it enabled him to overcome ALL limits.

And I realized on the show today, I relate to this, because if there’s one thing I have, it’s HEART.


In letting go of Vince, of the safety and comfort and security of that relationship, I made a choice for PASSION over comfort.

And already I’m experiencing the huge miracles of taking that gigantic risk.

My life and heart are expanding in a way I never imagined possible.

I am ALIVE. The music is flowing in a way it never has before. My views on Coffee Time have tripled. I have new people in my life who are AMAZING. I am ALIVE. I have jumped. And the ride is just beginning.

Watch today’s episode for the most passionate, emotional show I’ve ever recorded.

I love you.


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