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How to Move from a Safe Relationship to a Passionate One – Coffee Time 80

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You have a dream. I know you do. Maybe you think you just can’t WAIT for it to come true. You would just LOVE to snap your fingers right now and make it a reality.

But have you ever thought about what it would actually DO to you, if your dream came true right this moment? You’ve heard of people winning the lottery and their life becomes a total mess. Or fame hits someone and they just can’t handle it and they spin out of control. Or an amazing romance comes into your life but you push it away because you just can’t navigate the intensity. These are all examples of the fact that the most important thing we need to do if we truly want our dream to not only COME true, but to STAY true, is to GET READY.

You have spent way too much of your energy worrying about whether your dream is even possible. Worrying that you don’t deserve it or that it’s not meant for you, that it seems too good to be true that you could actually live that life.


It’s time to stop spending your energy on worthless worry like that. I am here to tell you that your dream is absolutely meant to come true and that your deepest desires are MEANT for you and they are MEANT to become reality. The issue is NOT whether it’s possible. The ISSUE is whether YOU are READY.

I am here to tell you, that when your dream actually materializes, it will FREAK YOU OUT. And you will need every possible ounce of power and growth and healing within you, just to be able to handle it. I know, because that’s what’s happening to me right now. This new relationship has come into my life, and so far it seems to be everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more. The deep, passionate, empathetic, spiritual, epic connection I’ve always longed for. Every day I’m out of my comfort zone. Every day I’m expanding and growing faster than I thought possible. And all because this great guy just came into my life. Now that my dream is actually manifesting, I realize why it didn’t come sooner. Because if this had materialized any sooner whatsoever, I would NOT have been able to handle it.

My encouragement to you today is this:

Don’t worry about whether your dream can come true, or about HOW it will come true. Focus instead on becoming the person who can HANDLE your dream coming true. That focus will CAUSE your dream to be attracted to you. You don’t need to go looking for it. You need to BECOME the person who can BE that dream.

The other main thing we’re talking about today on Coffee Time is this idea of moving out of a relationship that’s safe and comfortable and familiar, into one that feels dangerous because it’s so adventurous and risky and new. This is my real-time journey and today you will witness me doing a healing session on myself. I didn’t know it would happen like this when I pressed record. I’m still reeling from the intensity of it and I have a feeling that it could have a big impact on your life if you let it. You have the power within you to work miracles, and you will witness me performing one today, on myself.

I love you. Your desires are GOOD.


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