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How Do I Have Money To Stay in Hotels? Money, Dating, Traveling – Coffee Time 92


My life is suddenly MAGIC. The moment I took off from Minnesota on my road trip out west, I felt my path opening up for me. I’m in a new world. After a LOT of darkness and pain, my life is suddenly so full of energy, abundance, miracles, music, connections, and magic, that literally my ONLY challenge right now, is managing the overwhelm that comes with so much goodness.

I was pretty freaked out during the days leading up to this trip. There were so many unknowns, and it was fucking scary. One of my biggest fears was surrounding money. I have quite a bit of money saved up right now, but I had been holding on to it and guarding it. And so to start spending it, with my future income unknown, and no partner to take care of me, was pretty scary at first. It was ESPECIALLY scary, to trust my voice of desire that is leading me to stay in hotels every night. And YET, this has been the key to unlocking INSANE joy and energy into my life right now.

Following this one desire, trusting in the abundance of life, not being afraid of how my future income will flow to me, knowing that I deserve having whatever I want, is unlocking EXTREME magic into my life. I really hope you’ll watch Coffee Time today so you can SEE just how ECSTATIC I am about my new reality. I think it will inspire you.

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