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Meet Lucas: AMAZING Singer/Songwriter Shares his Homeless Journey – Coffee Time 67

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I was walking on Pearl St Mall in Boulder a couple of weeks ago, and I heard a singing voice that gave me chills. It’s not everyday that you hear a voice like this, singing outside, crystal clear and strong — so strong I could hear it a block away.

I was so impacted, I told Vince about it, and even took him back to Pearl St. later that day to see if this guy was still playing. I was overjoyed when we found him still there, singing his heart out. I put all the cash I had ($2) in his guitar case. Vince and I sat and listened for a long time. We discovered his name was Lucas Swafford. We chatted for a minute. Super nice guy. I could feel it was a Divine meeting.

I connected with Lucas later that day on Facebook, and offered to have him on my talk show. His response? He was “down”.

I interviewed him this week on Coffee Time and it was pure delight! Little did I know that we would end up talking about everything from his fascinating journey of hitch-hiking for 6 years, to his childhood trauma, overcoming alcoholism, the life of a struggling musician, his music dreams, and much more.

And the best part? At the end of the show he sings one of his AMAZING original songs (which will give you goose-bumps it’s so powerful!).

After the deep and joyful interview was over, Lucas revealed to me matter-of-factly (and without any negativity at all) that not only has he had a journey of hitch-hiking and adventure in the past, he is CURRENTLY homeless. I had no idea. This guy exudes confidence and professionalism and strength. In my eyes, he’s a rock star already, although the world hasn’t met him yet.

And he’s literally sleeping on the streets.

I am amazed by Lucas Swafford. He is going after his dreams with everything he has, supporting his 2 little kids, and not complaining at all about his current station in life. It is more important to him to do his passion than it is to have a comfortable place to sleep. And I completely resonate with that level of dedication.

Needless to say, Lucas and I are kindred spirits and I am honored to know him and to have had the privilege to have him on my show. I know that someday I’m going to brag that I interviewed Lucas Swafford, the FAMOUS musician — before he became famous.

You don’t want to miss today’s inspiring show. And PLEASE, let’s support Lucas and his music dreams. Send a PayPal donation today to . This guy deserves our support and encouragement. ANY amount you can give will go a long way for him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Enjoy!!

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