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The Magic Question that Leads You to Your Purpose – Coffee Time 46


Do you ever wonder how to find your life purpose?
What questions do you ask yourself to help lead you to your true calling and your destiny?

This week I discovered the questions that a lot of us ask, which do NOT lead us to our purpose, as well as the magic question that DOES lead us straight to our highest purpose.

Before I tell you the #1 BEST question to ask that will lead you to your true purpose in life, let’s look at the questions that will NOT help you on this quest:

1) What will HELP the world the most?

2) What do OTHERS want me to do?

3) What will make me the most MONEY?

4) What makes the most SENSE?

These questions will not lead you to your purpose, they will lead you to unhappiness, striving, and lack of energy.

The BEST question is found in my favorite quote by Howard Thurman:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

So I encourage you today, in order to find your true purpose and passion in this life, ask yourself,

“What makes me come ALIVE?”

Because when you find the thing that makes you come alive,
the thing that LIGHTS you up,
the thing that you would do no matter how much money comes from it,
the thing you want so badly you don’t care what other people think about it anymore,
well, my friend, that’s when the magic happens.

Because when you discover the thing that makes you come alive and you go after it with everything in you, everything starts to line up in your life.

You will find yourself with increased joy, energy, and focus, which will magnetize the very resources you need for your purpose.

When you focus all your energy on your joyful purpose, then the right people, resources, money, time (and everything else you need) will be attracted to you.

Nothing can stand in the way of someone who has found his/her true purpose and passion in life.

This week I discovered mine in a whole new way. I encourage you to watch today’s show to hear my personal story of how discovering my truest, deepest passion has set me free, once again.

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