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I Love Men: the Unexpected Sexy Twist on My Sparkly Path – Coffee Time 94


As I have stayed absolutely true to my sparkle, it has led me down a path I least expected. This is a gigantic turning point in my life, my heart, and my mission on this earth. The shift that has taken place is causing a huge divide in my audience. I am losing some of you because of it. I always knew there would be a time when this kind of explosion and shift would happen. I have never been so confident of my path, so fully in the center of my sparkle, as I am in this moment. But I feel like I am standing between 2 worlds, holding the old and the new. Just this morning I lost connection with a dear dear family member because of the path I’m choosing. This is heart-breaking. And YET, I have to be me. Sometimes there is a great cost to being your fully authentic self. As painful as it is, I accept this cost. Because I have to be me.

Today on Coffee Time I share the events that led me out of Colorado, to Santa Fe, NM. I share what happened in my heart on the drive here to Santa Fe that caused me to embrace a compassion, empathy, and passion I have for men and awakening them to their fire and purpose. I have long denied this desire, because I judged it as shameful. I thought I should be focused on women. It seemed unhealthy for me to want to encourage men. But I’m done judging myself for my desires. And the results in the past 48 hours have been off the charts. I posted some wildly expressive photos of myself along with some heartfelt words targeted towards men, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I thought I would do private coaching, but the responses have been so numerous I don’t have bandwidth, so I’m creating a subscription Facebook group to be able to help as many people as possible. The public and private messages I’m receiving are confirming that I am on the right path. Men pouring their hearts out to me about how ashamed they have felt for their natural desires. How my posts are making them feel validated and giving them hope. I am overwhelmed by the openness and vulnerability and the pain that is being expressed to me. I am filled with energy for this mission. I want to awaken us all to our FIRE, and also to be a beacon of healing for all forms of shame.

Today on Coffee Time I share my candid thoughts about the Me Too movement and the unfortunate results of this movement in the male population. Men are feeling stifled in their expression of who they are. Afraid to tell a woman she is beautiful, afraid of being called a sexual harasser if they tell a woman she’s sexy or give her a hug. This is not ok. The Me Too movement was important. It brought everything hidden to the surface. And now we need to decide how to move forward, in a way that does not cause more shame for men. The root of sexual dysfunction, is SHAME. So to heap more shame on men is not going to bring purification or healing. I am standing up today for the men, while also holding onto all of us women who have been abused. I am one of them. Can we find a way to bring healing that does not stifle male sexuality? I believe there is a way. I talk about this today… VERY passionately.

If you are feeling uncomfortable with the path I am embarking on, I encourage you to watch today’s show until the end. I express a tearful goodbye and honoring of those of you who don’t agree with me or who don’t want to go where I’m going. I am heartbroken by the loss, but I completely understand. I would love for you to watch this one last episode before you leave. So you know my heart and how much I love you.

And if you resonate with the path I’m on, I humbly ask you to hold me in your heart today. This is not an easy path. It is definitely MY path, but it is challenging. I cherish your emotional and spiritual support. I especially feel a backlash from women right now, so if you are a woman who resonates with what I’m doing, I cherish your support today. Those of us who can, let’s support each other in being fully who we are.

With gratitude and love from the depths of my heart,

(If you are interested in my new subscription Facebook Group, “Awaken Your Sexual Fire” stay tuned and keep following me. I will be launching it soon and you will have the opportunity to sign up. First step is to connect with me on Facebook: Noelle Marie.)


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