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Life Is Not a Competition: Let Yourself Be YOU

As I embark on new and exciting parts of my destiny, my ego loves to tempt me to compare myself to others who are in similar careers as I am. I see what other leaders are doing and I am tempted to feel SMALL, or behind, or to think that I should CHANGE something I’m doing in order to be like others who are successful in my field. All of these crazy thoughts come from the world of measurement, of fear, and I will not embrace this line of thinking for one precious moment of 2015.

The TRUTH is, there is room for ME to be ME and YOU to be YOU.

ME fulfilling my biggest dream does not take anything away from YOUR biggest dream.

As soon as you can fully embrace the fact that you were BORN to do what your deepest heart is longing to do, you are then FREE to do it, and all the resources of the Universe come to your aid in fulfilling this mission that is uniquely yours.

In ESSENCE, we are all the same, all equally valuable and magnificent. Our external roles are different, and the roles we play on the earth do not add or subtract anything from our inherent value which is unchangeable, solid, and insanely huge.

There is no competition.

Let go of all thoughts of comparison.

Give yourself permission to be FULLY you.

There is ROOM for all of us to be exactly who we are!!!

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