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I’m Fully Embracing My Desire for My Next Partner and I Don’t Take Advice unless it Fully Resonates — Coffee Time 85

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I reached a point a couple days ago when I felt, again, this intense craving and longing for a partner. And instead of ignoring it or shaming myself for it, I met myself again, right in the middle of the feeling. And it’s just MAGICAL, every time I choose to FEEL instead of to shame myself for feeling, I instantly feel GOOD again. FREE. Joyful. Magical. Peaceful. Do you see how powerful this practice is??? We MUST stop shaming ourselves for feeling whatever we need to feel.
And the KEY thing in this is to realize that it’s not about being “wrong” or “right”. This is where the advice piece comes in. If someone is judging me for being bold about expressing this desire for romance (which I’ve definitely gotten that judgment this week as I’ve shared about this on Facebook), I might be tempted to question myself. Am I wrong? Are they right? But that’s never the question to ask. The true question is: How can I be most fully ME in this moment? It’s not about being right or wrong.
So I ONLY listen to advice if it does 2 things:
Resonates with something I’m already feeling.
Lifts me up and makes me feel good.
It doesn’t mean that the person giving me advice is WRONG — they may very well have insight that I don’t have. BUT even if their insight is GOOD and TRUE, if it doesn’t lift me up and resonate in this moment, it’s not TIME for me to worry about. See how this works? If someone gives you advice that makes you feel shitty, just hit the DELETE button. IGNORE. Focus on your heart, right NOW, in THIS moment.
So this is what’s allowing me to embrace this journey of allowing a romantic partnership into my life. I am choosing to listen ONLY to my own heart. And my heart is leading me to be bold about this desire and to share it with you on Coffee Time today. My heart is leading me to ENJOY every step of this process. My heart has even led me to do something I thought I would never do, which is join an online dating thingy. I was only on there for a couple days (that’s all I could handle), BUT in those 2 days I made a few magical connections, and I have a couple coffee dates in the next week. This is FUN! I feel alive, I feel whole and happy and joyful and peaceful. And I’m honored that you are along on the journey with me.
Love you lots!

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