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I Am The Way The Truth and The Life (#7 of 10 Things My Hero Jesus Wants To Say To Christians)

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As my journey led me beyond Christian theology, but still in deep fascination with Jesus, his famous words: “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Me,” (John 14:6) were beckoning me to further exploration. I had always resonated with that verse, and still did, so how could I reconcile these words of my hero with my new worldview? I talked to God, and read what several other ‘seeking’ spiritual leaders had said about this, and ultimately, I had to let go of it, just as I had everything else.

And just like everything else in my life that has fallen into place so effortlessly, after letting go of beliefs, the true meaning of this verse has illuminated itself to me, not through a book or another teaching, but from deep personal experience.

As I have embraced seeking within, trusting myself, trusting that God is interwoven in my very being — in the deepest fibers of who I am — I have realized the importance of closing off every other voice in this noisy world. As I have quieted the voices and looked only within, just as Jesus exemplified for us, I have found the one true path, the ONLY true way to LIFE, is by BEING FULLY ME. The ME who is connected to God, the ME who is not my body, the ME who has access to all the wisdom and love I could ever desire, the ME who knows she is safe with God for eternity.

And I can confidently say that being FULLY WHO I AM is the Way, the Truth, and the Life – it’s the way to connecting with God, the Father.

Being ‘fully and fearlessly ME’ is the WAY for everyone to truly live. And waking up to this wonderful reality, I see now that Jesus said the exact same thing – his use of “I Am” was not to say that believing in JESUS, the historical person born in Nazareth who lived 2,000 years ago, is the only way to God, but to say that he had found ‘the way to truth’, through seeking within. He had found the way for all of us to live. He told us that the kingdom of heaven was within us. He was constantly leading by example, and this is another instance.

People so misunderstood his great teaching to seek within for treasure, that they set up a whole religion that points people away from themselves, to an external source, a dogma, a belief system, when what Jesus was really saying was, “You don’t need religion; you need to seek within. You have all the answers right there inside you. YOU are the way, the truth, and the life!”

If you are open and have ears to hear this, you are open to the great mysteries of life. All of the most incredible experiences I have had with God, the most thrilling revelations, have come from letting go of externals and seeking within. The treasure I find here, in my daily times journaling and looking inside, is all the wisdom and love I could ever need. I’m connecting with the Original Source of Life. Why would you go through a book to get answers, when they are all there, right inside you?

Jesus showed through his own example that he wanted us to rise to the same level as he did on the earth. He called us his brothers and sisters, he said we are the Light of the world, and in the very same passage where he said ‘the way, the truth and the life’ he said

that we will do greater things than he did.

He didn’t sit back and let the disciples worship him and only wash his feet, he got down on the floor and washed theirs too, showing that we are all connected, we are made of the same GOD-stuff, that he is our brother.

I know this is a hard teaching if you are looking at Jesus as so high above you, on a level where you can not go, and that your job is to go to church and worship him.

But what if Jesus really meant it when he told us we would do greater things than he did? How could we be so much lower in our essence and identity if we are capable of doing what he did?

DOING flows naturally out of BEING. They are inseparable.

I think what Jesus wants most from us today, is to stop worshiping the image of him, and to start living in power, love, and freedom like he did. It’s time to embrace the exciting reality of who we are: the Sons and Daughters of God who can fully follow the path that Jesus laid out for us, the path that he showed us through his incredible example.

It’s time to follow him authentically, not in copying his specific actions, but by living in a supernatural, enlightened, powerful way that is unique to each of our own incredible destinies on this earth.

He showed us that we truly can transcend the physical world, that nothing is impossible for someone who dreams BIG. This is the Jesus I love, this is the Jesus who is real to me because he inspires me to be Noelle – fully and fearlessly.  He inspires me to let go of all limits, especially the religious and doctrinal limits that have kept me from the real Jesus and therefore from the real Noelle.

I am not saying Jesus isn’t powerful, Divine, and the Son of God –

I’m saying he IS –

and so are WE!

Photo Credit: Mariano Cuajao

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  • vince4242 November 9, 2014, 7:24 pm

    Love the way you explain this topic…it is so True.

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