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How My Blistered Feet Reminded Me to Choose Joy

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Yesterday Vince and I went on a LONG walk on the beach — barefoot. It was just what I needed after recording the most momentous episode of Coffee Time ever, where I revealed my soul to the world about my current beliefs.

The sand felt so wonderful under my toes. Until about 3 miles in. Then we both started feeling it, and so we turned back. 3 miles left to walk on the beach back to the van. And as we neared the end of the walk, the bottoms of my feet were red and blistered and I was in tons of pain. All I could think about was how much my feet hurt.

And then we got to our destination and started walking up the steps to the place where we could wash our feet, and I looked up and saw a man in a wheelchair. He was sitting there looking out at the ocean waves. And in one instant, I transitioned from thinking about how much pain I had in my feet, to feeling insane GRATITUDE that I was ABLE to walk 6 miles on the beach and feel that glorious pain.

Isn’t perspective powerful? Isn’t it crazy to think how fast I could move from pain to joy? What other choice could I make today to experience joy instead of pain? What other thoughts could I choose? What different perspective could I have about anything in my life right now that would instantly transport me out of pain, into joy?

I’m gonna be honest that life with Vince in the van is not always comfortable. On my talk show I rave about our life and how insanely happy we are. But I’m gonna let you in on a little secret (well, actually a BIG secret):

We are happy, not because of the van or even because we have all of our time free. We are so extremely happy because we CHOOSE joy every day. We CHOOSE to see our lives as blessed. We CHOOSE to see that life is amazing.

I know that some people could be transported into the exact circumstances that Vince and I are in right now, and they wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. They would focus on the fact that they haven’t showered in 2 weeks or that they bump into each other all the time in their home and the van is tiny and sometimes the cops knock on their door and scare them to death in the middle of the night and sometimes they are so low on money they don’t know how they’re going to pay their bills. And the hate mail.

But that’s NOT what Vince and I think about. We CHOOSE happiness. We CHOOSE to look at each other every day, multiple times a day, and say, “I can’t believe I get a partner as awesome as you. I am SO grateful you are with me right now.” We choose to see that we have the abundance of ALL our time free to live our dreams, to do what we want, to live a purposeful, passionate life. We choose to see that we are the richest people on earth, because we have each other and because we get to live the life we want, free from obligation. We choose to see all the support we have from amazing people like you.

We choose to see that life is a miracle.

So what are YOU choosing to see today?

I encourage you, you have the power to see and feel whatever you want, right now.

Choose Love. Choose Peace. Choose Joy.

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