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How A Little Girl Named Noelle Abolished All My Fears

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I had my first book signing / musical lecture yesterday at a bookstore – Changing Hands in Phoenix, Arizona. This was a HUGE new level for me, to step UP into this dream of being an author/speaker – to let it become a physical reality in my life.

It was scary.

Even calling the bookstore last month to propose my event was scary. My voice felt shaky, I felt my heart racing as I spoke the words out loud for the first time, “I’m an author and I’d like to do a book signing at your store.”

And I didn’t even have a printed book yet.

When you step up into your dreams, it feels uncomfortable at first.

But I just went for it. I jumped.

I didn’t know if anyone would come.

But I KNEW I wanted to take the risk.

I knew it would be worth it.

And it WAS.
In the moments leading up to the event, I found myself with an extra hour – the clock in the hotel room we had stayed in the night before was off by an hour, and I had my phone turned off, so we were WAY early.

I felt peaceful, pretty relaxed but also NUMB – I couldn’t really feel any Joy about the event, I was just sitting in the coffee shop adjoining the room where I would be speaking, waiting, letting the moments pass, letting myself breathe.

And I had the thought, “Why God? Why would you give me an extra hour to sit here and wait? I don’t understand.”

Just at that moment, I saw a little girl in pink run through the coffee shop. I was drawn to her, and just looking at her childlike innocence gave me comfort.

I looked away, and a few moments later I heard a woman calling my name . . . “Noelle?”

I looked up, and saw she was calling after the little girl, who had run into the bathroom.

Right away, I felt a rush of excitement.

Her name is Noelle, just like mine, and she’s wearing pink?

I don’t meet many girls with my name. I could hardly wait to see them again and talk to them. As soon as they came out of the bathroom I asked her, “Is your name Noelle?” She nodded and smiled.

So we talked for a few minutes, and I discovered that not only was her name Noelle, spelled just like mine, but she was wearing a Frozen princess dress, and she LOVES to sing.  All details that relate very specifically to me.

There was just no way this was a coincidence.

It was a specific, tangible, perfect miracle sent straight from God to me.

It was a way for the Universe to let me know that I am LOVED, that I am in the RIGHT PLACE, and to remind me that I AM that little girl.

Cuz really, that is my entire message – to REMEMBER who we really are.

To return to the simplicity of being a child. The simplicity of trusting, of not worrying about the next moment, of just ENJOYING life.

The overwhelming PEACE and JOY that flooded every cell of my body and spirit was so strong, it carried me through the book signing and lecture, as I spoke to 6 precious hearts who sat in the audience hanging on my every word.

I rose into a new level of my identity and destiny, and the biggest miracle of the day came through the innocence of a little girl in pink named Noelle, reminding me WHY I am doing this tour,

living this life, sharing my heart with the world.

Just LET GO.

Just BE a little kid.



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  • Kerri February 17, 2015, 6:45 pm

    I love how everything is just flowing to you; even the fun free spirit of a little girl who made your day and I am sure you made hers. Every moment counts. Every journey is precious. Great job!!

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