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The Great Sexual Divide: Fear in Women, Love from Men – Coffee Time 95




Where to begin?

I am up high in the mountains of New Mexico on a retreat at my girlfriend Terri Cook’s house, and it’s a good thing because I needed a break from the intensity of the explosion in my online world. So refreshing to be here! I feel so revived and supported and just GOOD. What a gift. Life always gives us what we need.

As I have stepped back to process the overwhelming reactions, both positive and negative, to my recent posts regarding sexuality, I have noticed a distinct pattern.

Most of the messages from WOMEN are fearful,
and most of the messages from MEN are extremely loving, open, supportive, hungry, and joyful.

Terri and I processed this together, and were able to see that this is indicative of a great divide in our world related to sexuality. Because of the unhealthy nature of sexuality in our world and the epidemic of sexual abuse, women (in general) are afraid of lifting the lid on this box. When I speak to the men and tell them to feel free to embrace their sexuality, to feel free to tell a woman she’s sexy, to not be afraid of their cravings, the women are deathly afraid of what will happen when this freedom is given.

“How DARE you, Noelle! You’re giving them permission to abuse us! You’re opening us up to harmful destructive energies. What do you think you’re doing??? What about BOUNDARIES?? You are crazy.”

And then, on the other side of this great divide, are the men, who are responding with goodness, openness, love, hunger, trust, hope, joy, support and freedom.

“Noelle, I feel hope and freedom in this area for the first time in my life! I have always dealt with so much shame for my desires. Your posts are setting me free! Thank you! I want more of what you’re saying. This is SO VERY NEEDED in our world. Please keep going. We need this. How can I join your new Facebook group???”

Terri was able to help me process this and see more clearly why this is happening and help me define what my role is in this whole thing. I came to realize that interacting with the women regarding their fear is just a distraction to my mission. I feel and honor this reaction, and I have empathy and compassion for it. But I have to focus on my calling, my desire, my sparkle. And so I’m finally embracing this desire I’ve always had, to empower men in their lives, in their sexuality, and in their humanity. As I focus on the people I am most designed to encourage and the depth of my true passion, I feel absolutely no fear. I feel alive, energized, happy, powerful, and free. I’m ready.

This is a pivotal time in our world, and I’m so honored and excited to be a part of this turning of the tide of sexuality. There needs to be healing. And the first step in healing, is lifting the shame. And the magical, miraculous effects I’m experiencing, as I tell men to feel completely free in who they are, is SO GOOD!!

I am NOT getting a response that is disrespectful, harassing, rude, crude, or lewd.

I’m getting a response of goodness, honor, respect, openness and trust. It’s blowing me away! There’s nothing to fear.

Perverted unhealthy behaviors thrive in the DARK. The LIGHT is what we need in order to purify sexuality in our world. No more shame!!

I am so excited about what I’m seeing. Watch Coffee Time today to hear so much more about this! Today I read one amazing message from a man, and also a powerful written message from Terri. She has been able to bypass her initial reaction of fear because she knows me, loves me, and trusts me. Instead of projecting the fear onto ME, she asked herself WHY she had that feeling. And you will be so enlightened to hear what she has to say today.

There is so much hope for our world! I am SO excited to be on this journey with you! There’s so much good ahead!

The new private Facebook group, Awaken Your Sexual Fire, will be coming soon.
Stay tuned for launch and sign up details.

What’s next for me on my travels??

Instead of heading back to Colorado, I have decided to keep heading West. First, Sedona, and then I’m feeling California.

It’s an exciting life my friend! I am BEYOND HAPPY! I love you so much.

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  • Roxanne June 18, 2018, 4:39 am

    Here’s to following your sparkle! And, to light and healing.

    • Noelle Marie Amendola June 21, 2018, 10:46 am

      YES indeed, thank you Roxanne!!! Follow the sparkle, even when it’s scary to do so! It’s so worth it. Love you!

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