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Goodbye for Now – the Big Shift is Here – Coffee Time 72

goodbye for now
I feel the SHIFT.
I have now had my phone off for 3 weeks, and I have no intention of turning it back on. I’ve been completely disconnected from the online world, except for once a week coming out of my blissful cocoon to do Coffee Time and the newsletter. I feel a deep peace and joy in disconnecting from technology and from the online world. And I feel there is never a more important time to disconnect from dependence on the internet, so I can be completely CONNECTED to Spirit. To true life. To MAGIC, to wisdom, to truth, to peace and love and joy beyond description.
I have decided to take this a step further and take a break from my weekly sharing with you, from Facebook, from Coffee Time, from everything online that I have loved so dearly for these 72 weeks now. I believe that this shift in ME is indicative of a shift in the world.
We are coming into a time of crisis. A shaking, a turning, a shifting, which will cause a global awakening. This is what I’ve been wanting and waiting for and preparing for my whole life. And I believe we are on the brink of it.
The earth can no longer sustain a system that places MONEY (inherently worthless) over PEOPLE (inherently worthy and valuable beyond measure).
I feel the pain of our sleeping planet, of everyone who continually chooses sleep over awakening. I feel the pain of everyone who chooses money over people, fear over love, attachment over freedom, the illusion of comfort over true LIFE.
If you are one who has opened their eyes, I encourage you, I URGE you: open them WIDER.
Now is the time to let go of everything that you are attached to in this world.
The more you can detach from the world, and attach to the LOVE that is found within you, the safer you will be in the coming crises, whatever they may be.
This is NOT intended to make you afraid, but to make you EXCITED about waking up!!
There is NO FEAR for those who have found true life. There is ONLY JOY for those who have found the solid rock of peace and love and power within them.
What are you depending on?
What are you trusting in?
Where does your hope lie?
I assure you, there is nothing but peace and love and hope and joy for those who seek within and find true life. It’s ALL within you.
These are exciting times of awakening, and although I won’t be writing to you on a weekly basis, when there is something important to tell you, I will.
You don’t need ME, you need to find YOU. Everything I’ve been teaching you is crucial. If you have ears to hear, I encourage you to delve even deeper into finding yourself. Let go of all the fearful voices in the media, in the world, in your family. Tune your ears to LOVE, to TRUTH, to PEACE. This is the time to LISTEN to the voice of desire within you.
How do you know what to do when a crisis comes? Listen to your heart. It is connected to God, to LOVE, to LIFE, to wisdom. It will lead you, step by step, on the path you can safely and peacefully walk. Trust yourself.
In order to TRUST yourself, you must learn to HEAR yourself. And in order to HEAR yourself, you must tune OUT all the other voices. You must LET GO of everything in this world that is meaningless.
Ask yourself, “If I knew I only had one month left to live on this earth, how would I spend THIS day? What activities and things would suddenly become meaningless? What would suddenly rise to importance, if I knew my time was so limited and precious?”
I don’t know what’s coming or when, but I know that whatever it is, the best and most important thing you can do TODAY is to remember who you are. Remember that you are powerful. Remember that everything is within you. THEN you will be at peace, no matter what storms come, on the earth, or in your personal life.
Watch today’s 20-min Coffee Time show to hear how this big shift is affecting me personally.
There is only ONE important choice today for every man, woman, and child on the planet, and the repercussions of this choice are critical.
The choice is: Are you choosing FEAR or LOVE?
You are MAGNIFICENT and I love you!!!!

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