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Forget the Plan…follow the SPARKLE! MONEY MONEY MONEY — Coffee Time 93

You GUYS!!! Today’s Coffee Time is OFF THE HOOK!!! If you struggle with anxiety about money or you are currently questioning what to do next in your life related to money, I strongly urge you to watch today’s powerful episode. I tell some crazy stories today about how this is working for me and the magical things that happen when you enter a place of TRUST. There is a way to follow your heart that leads you on an incredibly magical, abundant path. If you have a tendency to want to “figure it out” or create a solid financial plan, and instead you would love to be able to create more income in a way that feels joyful and easy, you’re gonna be SOOOOOO inspired today.

This morning, before I recorded Coffee Time, I felt it. The tightening in my chest. Anxiety in my stomach. Fear. Like the world was closing in on me. Money. That all-too-familiar, life-long feeling of scarcity and lack.

So I went straight to Starbucks, took this feeling to my journal, to dig into it and transform it.

I said, NO. I do not accept a life of scarcity anymore. I will not accept a life of anxiety about money. Show me the way. How can I rise above this feeling of fear and lack, and enter into a place of trust and abundance once again?

Trust me, friends . . . God always answers that prayer. When you ask to be shown the way, you will be shown the way. And so almost immediately, I realized that the anxiety had come from doing some things the past couple of days that had depleted my life force. I had spent a whole day without journaling. And in some of my conversations with someone I had made some declarations with my words that locked me out of my path of pure trust, joy and desire.

If you watched my latest Coffee Time 92, you know that I am currently traveling in Colorado, and am staying in hotels. I have money saved up from a very lucrative piano job I had at Christmas, and I am feeling the joy of spending this money on my travels without worrying about where the next money is going to flow to me. I have been full of joy about it. Full of complete trust in the abundance of life. SO MUCH JOY!!!!!

But this money anxiety thing is something you have to be diligent about. It can sneak up on you when you least expect it. So as soon as I noticed this fear hitting me yesterday,I went to my journal. I let go of all conclusions about HOW more money might flow to me or what I might DO to make money, and just started listing all the things that are bringing me SO MUCH JOY. I listed all the things that feel SPARKLY:

• Being in Colorado
• The Mountains
• Hiking
• Performing my music every night at Open Mics
• Spending my mornings at Starbucks writing
• Doing the Coffee Time show weekly!!
• Connecting with all of you a lot through pictures and posts
• Lots of time ALONE
• Dating: Connecting with beautiful, funny, powerful, artistic men, with good boundaries and without losing my power – Passion
• Making sweet connections with people in the music scene as I perform my music
• Posting music videos of my performances
• Wine and beer in the evenings– in an enjoyable moderate way
• Finding fun foods to keep in my fridge and eating WAY less than I ever have – keeping my energy vital throughout the day

As I listed my joy and all the things that feel sparkly, and I let go of EVERYTHING ELSE . . . ALL my life force completely returned to me, and ALL FEAR regarding money fell away.

I was then granted a miracle at my hotel . . where they decided to give me the lowest rate they’ve ever given anyone, just because they had a FEELING about me.

You see, there are things that MAKE SENSE to my brain about HOW I could make more money. But the reality is, and what I keep hearing from Spirit, is that now is the time to TRUST and to put NO LIMITS on HOW money will flow to me. Because as I stay in my joy, right here, right now, there are MAGICAL DIVINE things that will open up for me . . things that I couldn’t even FATHOM planning.

Trusting in the abundance of life opens up the MOST MAGICAL way for Life to provide for me. As I follow my SPARKLE, I KNOW that SPARKLY things are gonna keep happening.

So I ask you today . . . Could you list the things that make you feel alive and sparkly and let go of everything else? It might just change EVERYTHING for you, in an instant. I love you. Forget the PLAN . . . follow the SPARKLE!!!

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