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My First DATE as a Single Person in 8 Years – Coffee Time 83 – FIRST LIVE episode!!

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WOW. 2 big FIRSTS this week. FIRST date in 8 years. And FIRST LIVE COFFEE TIME SHOW!!! This is so huge for me.

We’ll get to the romance part in a bit, but first I gotta tell you about this LIVE Facebook video thing. This breakthrough of doing Coffee Time live on Facebook, started with ANGER. I saw all these live streaming videos a couple months ago, and I got triggered. BIG time. I thought, “Why can’t YouTube be for videos, and Facebook be for written communication and pictures?” It made me SO mad. LIVID.

But I found myself being lured into watching these live streaming videos. I couldn’t believe it. I was inspired and angry at the same time. And eventually I realized that I was mad, because I was scared. I actually knew, deep down, that eventually I would want to DO one myself. I knew the expansion this could bring to my show. And I knew it would be very exciting. And yet, SO scary.

Well, I am very proud and excited to tell you that I took the leap my friends, and on Wednesday I did my first little test live video. I was about to go on a bike ride with my dad, had about 10 minutes, and I just plunged in, turned my laptop on and tried it out.

And I was OVERWHELMED by the intensity of emotion that flooded over me, as I felt myself being connected LIVE to so many amazing people. They were cheering me on in that moment, saying HI, telling me I looked great and sounded great, and I was HIT by this amazing realization that I had just been handed one of the biggest gifts of my life:

A way to do my speaking and singing to LIVE audiences from the comfort of my living room.


It was so overwhelming, I CRIED right there on that live video. I knew something so big had shifted in my life.

And yesterday I took it one BIG step further and I did Coffee Time LIVE on Facebook. So many people joined me and interacted with me WHILE I was recording the show for YouTube at the same time. If you’ve never seen a live Facebook video, it’s pretty amazing. You can see the comments pop up on the screen while the person is talking, so you feel like you are in a room with everyone who is watching along with you. It’s SO amazing. Suffice it to say, I’m not angry anymore. I’m crying tears of extreme joy. Because I can feel how big this is for my reach in the world. I am more energized than ever. This is SO BIG. Many people on Facebook who have been following my writings for years but have never clicked on the link to watch my YouTube videos, watched it yesterday, and told me they are so excited to join me for Coffee Time every week now. The live show on Facebook (which is available to be watched on replay forever) is already over 750 views, in just 24 hours . . .that’s more than I normally get on YouTube in a whole week. Time to celebrate! If you are not connected with me on Facebook and you want to join me in these LIVE shows, send me a friend request (Noelle Marie Amendola) along with a private message letting me know who you are and why you want to be friends and I will add you and you can join me every Thursday at 10am Central Time. Woo hoo!

Yes, I also went on a date. It was really fun and I’m SO glad I went. It wasn’t a cosmic, epic connection though, and I realize now that I don’t want to spend my energy casually dating someone who isn’t right for me long-term. I have so many amazing things to do, so much important work to do, and incredible new women in my life to connect deeply with. I am holding the place in my life for a connection with a man in which we can explore the heights and depths of emotional, spiritual, and sexual intimacy. BUT you can hear ALL the juicy details of my date on the show today. (there was some kissing) LOL

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