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Why You Don’t Always Have To Be Grateful – Coffee Time 71

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Did you know you don’t ALWAYS have to be grateful?

I was on a coaching call last week and a client asked me a GREAT question:

“Noelle, how do you balance your desire for 50 million YouTube subscribers with gratitude for what you already have? These 2 thoughts seem opposing to me.”

And yes, he’s right, these 2 ideas are very opposite and we find this in life a lot. Often 2 very opposing ideas can BOTH be true.

So how do we deal with this? How do you enjoy your life fully right NOW, when there is something you are passionately longing for? Doesn’t the thought of just “being grateful for what you have” sometimes make you wanna throw up? I know for me, with the depth of my passion for life, that sometimes the thought of “just being grateful” is not what I need at all. 

And the full answer to this question came to me this week as Vince and I escaped into the mountains on a 3-day retreat. As we detached completely from technology and enjoyed the simplicity of being in our tiny home in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by majestic views and stillness beyond imagination, I realized I was in a moment of complete and utter gratitude. Not gratitude that I CHOSE, but just a realization that right now it feels really good to rest, and that I don’t NEED anything. That I don’t WANT for anything. That I’m just so CONTENT with everything in my life right now.

What?!? How did this happen, when just 2 weeks ago, I was passionately longing for everything in my destiny to explode? And then it hit me: This is the natural cycle of life. This is what I like to call the CREATIVE LIFE CYCLE. And there are 3 phases that I find myself naturally journeying through, over and over and over. 

Phase 1 – REST
Phase 2 – DREAM
Phase 3 – ACTION

When I’m in REST phase, I am in a natural time of gratitude and surrender. I am completely content to just BE. When I am in DREAM phase, I am FEELING everything deeply. I am LONGING passionately for something. This is the powerful phase when the work of creation actually takes place. And then in ACTION phase, Life leads me to act on the desires I’ve been dreaming about. And then? Right back into REST phase again, to start all over and recover and prepare the space for another desire to come. 

So the answer to this great question of how to balance these opposing thoughts, is: there is a TIME to dream passionately for 50 million subscribers, and there is a TIME to let that go and just rest in what I already have. 

The KEY is to embrace right where you are, and to not judge where you are. In other words, if you are in a time of rest and just don’t care much about anything right now, then REST! Completely. Don’t even think about anything. Just rest. Just embrace FULLY this very important phase. It’s actually important WORK being done in you as you rest. Let everything go. 

And if you are in DREAM phase, then DREAM!!! Let yourself DESIRE passionately, whatever you are feeling. FEEL it! Don’t judge yourself for your desires, and also don’t feel any pressure to ACT on your desires. When the time is right, Life will lead you, through organic joyful desire, to ACT. And then when the energy lifts, allow yourself to return completely to resting. 

See how this works? This is the magical way that I live. I highly recommend it. Don’t fight the seasons of life, embrace them fully. Don’t judge yourself or compare yourself to others. Just fully BE wherever you are. This will change everything for you, as you learn to flow with the energy of life and not fight against it. Trust me, you will become a powerful force the moment you begin embracing EXACTLY where you are, right NOW.

So where you are you at right now? Is it time for you to REST, or to DREAM, or to ACT? The way you know? Whatever you most deeply WANT, right now. YES, it’s that simple.

I filmed today’s show in the mountains and it is one of the most powerful, magical shows I’ve ever recorded. If you want to learn more about flowing with the natural energy of life, I encourage you to set aside 22 minutes to watch this episode of Coffee Time. It just might change everything for you. 

Let’s start a conversation about it below. Please share in the comments whatever this topic brings up for you. Where are you right now in your own creative life cycle? Does resting, dreaming, or acting sound better in this moment? Thank you for joining me today, I love you!! 

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  • Paul February 21, 2017, 2:58 pm

    Thank you Noelle for opening your mind and heart to the Source and Essence of all Being and significance! As Rumi said, ”The wound is the place where the Light enters you”. Everyone feels ”a hole in their heart”, this is our sense of abandonment from our True Self or ‘God’. When we stop running from this deep wound or ”hole in our heart”, that is when our path towards healing that wound begins in earnest. Keep following the Light in your heart as it is the way Home to your own divine Self, the One Self which lives in the heart everyone. Love to you always, Paul

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