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Your Destiny Is Just Around the Corner from Your Darkest Moment – Coffee Time 89

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2018 is already feeling so BRIGHT! YAY!

I’m pretty happy about this, because 2017 kicked my BUTT. There were some REALLY dark moments. And I mean . . . DARK. Moments in which I felt like I had completely LOST myself.

And in the midst of some of that darkness and pain, it was easy to doubt my heart that led me there.

Is it really safe to trust your heart? What about when it leads you into a dark tunnel? What about when it leads you into addiction? What about when it leads you into your deepest pain? Into your shadows?

I’m here to tell you, that it is absolutely safe and good to trust your heart. Because what I’m learning, is that sometimes the key to true lasting freedom, is straight through the darkness. Straight into our deepest shadows. Straight through the darkest, messiest, most distant regions of our soul. In Coffee Time today I reveal to you JUST HOW FAR I journeyed into that darkness. And that I believe that the joy and strength and wholeness I have today, is a direct result of allowing myself to go on the journey I did in 2017. My greatest light is here as a result of allowing myself to experience my greatest darkness.

We are human. We are meant to be having a human experience. I’m learning not to judge any of my experiences as good or bad. They just are. They’re the experiences I’m meant to have. They are all purposeful. And all of them lead me to ME, which is my purpose. To BE ME, FULLY.

Can you embrace yourself right where you are? Can you embrace the fact that you are EXACLTY where you’re meant to be, in this moment? Can you stop fighting what you’re feeling, and just allow yourself to FEEL it? Can you stop fighting what you want to do, and just allow yourself to do it, even if it seems crazy or doesn’t make sense to your brain, or to other people?

We are FEELING beings who have been brainwashed by our culture to believe that we should deny our heart, and follow our brain. But your HEART is how you were DESIGNED to be led. Your HEART knows the way. Your brain is meant to work in tandem, as a support to your heart, not as the master. When you can start embracing your heart’s guidance, even when it doesn’t make sense to your brain, you will start to feel truly alive. Sure, it may take awhile to learn this new way to live, but it will be SO worth it. You may have to journey into some darkness first. Your life may look a little messier at first. People may judge you, because they won’t understand. But OH MY DEAR please believe me when I tell you that all of that will be SO worth it for the JOY and FREEDOM and LIFE that will flood your veins when you finally start listening to your heart’s deepest cry. It’s been crying out to you, your whole life. Will you listen?

My ONLY TRUE SUFFERING this past year has been in the moments when I DOUBTED my heart. As soon as I embraced that I wasn’t crazy or on the “wrong” path, my suffering was gone. Pain, yes. Darkness, yes. But the angst and suffering always ended the moment I chose to trust that my heart’s desires were meant for me, in that moment. No matter what they were.

I don’t have WORDS for HOW THRILLED I AM to be back with you on Coffee Time today!!!!!!! Happy New Year!!

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