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How to Cut Soul Ties and Return to JOY – Coffee Time 45


I took a break from looking at YouTube comments over the Easter weekend, and it was a really nice break. And when I went back to them Monday morning, it felt like getting hit in the gut. There were several toxic comments, and I realized it was time for a boundary. A few of you sent me private messages asking if I could start filtering the comments a little more, because the energy was so icky for you. And so I’ve begun deleting the comments that are downright mean. There was a time to let it all fly, and now is the time to have a boundary.

But just deciding to delete the nasty comments wasn’t enough for me. I knew I needed to take a more proactive, spiritual step in order to return completely to my HEAVEN, my place of joy and bliss and peace. So I cut soul ties with all the trolls on YouTube. And instantly, I was catapulted into complete peace, total bliss, and I remembered FULLY Who I AM!!!! It was miraculous and so easy, once I realized what I needed to do. I feel strong and amazing again!!!

Cutting soul ties is something I’ve been doing for years. It’s a powerful exercise that is helpful in every relationship in my life. As a very sensitive empath, I tend to feel everyone around me and so it’s important for me to consistently cleanse myself from the emotions of other people, even people who are the most positive in my life.

Cutting a soul tie does not mean that you are ending the relationship. It simply means that you are taking back into yourself everything that’s yours, and returning to the other person everything that’s theirs. It’s a returning to wholeness, to the state of being able to hear clearly your own voice and feel your own feelings, without muddying the waters with someone else’s feelings.

In today’s show I lead you through the process of cutting soul ties, by showing you how I cut soul ties with the trolls on YouTube. This practice has been revolutionary in my relationships. It has enabled me to stay in peace and joy no matter who I come into contact with.

Also in today’s show, I share the story of Brad, who has sent me several wonderful letters in response to the Coffee Time show. He told me a few weeks ago that at his age in life, 67 (which I think is so YOUNG!!), he didn’t matter much to the world anymore. But through Coffee Time he has been inspired to see that he is so valuable, that he has so much LIFE left to live and so much to give to the world. I know you will be inspired by his story, as I have been!

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