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Am I a Crazy e-Beggar or an Inspiring Leader? Are You Choosing Hell or Heaven? – Coffee Time 44


As the negative, hateful comments have increased on my YouTube channel this week, I’ve been struck by an epiphany:
We really do CHOOSE our reality. We CHOOSE what we see. And whatever we choose, we create more of. If we choose heaven, we will experience heaven. If we choose hell, we will experience hell.

As I’ve read all these hateful comments on my videos lately, I’ve been fascinated by how people either see me as crazy, a liar, a fake, an e-beggar, OR they see me as inspiring, amazing, a leader, powerful, etc.

How vastly different these 2 perspectives are! I’m just amazed by how polar opposite people’s views of me are.

And it shows me that what we see in another person is really a reflection of what we see in ourselves. If you are able to see beauty and power and love in yourself, then you will be able to see that in me as well. If you see weakness in yourself and judge yourself as crazy and broken, then you will see that in me as well.

This is fascinating! 2 people can watch the exact same video of me, and have opposite reactions.
One of them is so inspired and grateful for my teachings that she sends me a donation and a private letter of amazing encouragement for how much I’ve changed her life, and the other person is so ANGRY at me for how I live my life and despises me enough to spend tons of time criticizing every little thing he can possibly find about me to judge.

This is blowing me away.

Do you see how powerful you are? You can choose to see how beautiful you are, how perfect and amazing you are, and focus on all of your goodness and potential, or you can choose the opposite.

I encourage you to choose heaven. Because when you choose to see heaven, you will begin to experience heaven.

We are all telling ourselves a story.

This world is not fixed. There is not ONE truth.

Whatever you believe to be true, is what will BE TRUE for YOU.

So what do you want to experience today? Do you want fear and hate and darkness and loneliness and boredom?

Or do you want LOVE and LIGHT and Connectedness and PASSION?

I choose heaven. I choose to see that everything is a miracle. And so that is EXACTLY what I experience. My life is completely MAGICAL.

Choose life. Choose JOY. Choose LOVE. Choose heaven. I dare you!

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