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Awaken Your Sexual Fire


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Awaken Your Sexual Fire (men only)

The purpose of this group is to awaken the fire within you, and begin to heal all forms of sexual shame by creating an environment in which you feel free to be you. For $33/month you will receive access to this secret group. You will be joined by others like you who also want to feel free to express themselves. You will have an opportunity to share yourself through writing and photos as you are inspired. Freedom of expression, freedom from shame, freedom from fear, freedom from judgment. Let’s be FREE.

We will be discussing topics that you don’t feel free to discuss in other areas of your life. Things like pornography, addictions, marriage, masturbation, and sexual exploration. The goal is to bring everything into the light so we don’t feel shame for our natural desires. Once we remove shame, there is freedom, and healing. A supportive group environment will be such an encouragement on your journey!

      • Fun sexy photos of Noelle
      • Fun sexy videos of Noelle
      • Access to instant messaging coaching, anytime
      • Teaching videos, writings, with discussions on various topics pertinent to your journey of sexual awakening: pleasure, masturbation, pornography, marital challenges, sexual exploration, etc. (and any other topics you want to discuss)
      • Community of other men like you to support you on your journey
      • Safe judgment-free place to be you

Once you pay I will connect you within 24 hours (but usually much faster) to the group on Facebook. You must have a Facebook account in order to be a member.

You will pay $33 USD today
and you will be charged on a recurring monthly basis until you cancel.28954521_10156162967686838_2199461938316972641_o

Beautiful wild man, I am your Dark Angel. Your heart has been crying out. I hear your call. I feel your longing. There is nothing wrong with you. This culture has shamed you for your longing and your craving.

But I don’t. I see the holy fire that burns within you. It is good.

The fire that is your very life force, is being shamed into submission. You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You have risen to all your responsibilities. And you are tired. The animal within you is lying dormant and longing to be free.

I say, be free.
Feel everything.
I’m here to remind you of your fire. It’s good to feel it. To remember it. To awaken it. It’s you.

There is nothing wrong with you. Those cravings are good. Your sexuality is your very life. It’s the passionate force of creation that’s brewing within you like a caged animal, longing to be free.

Feel it burning. Let it burn. Let it roar.


I see you. I feel you. Come rest. Come play. Come and remember. The fire is you. 🔥