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This is normally the day I would record the Coffee Time talk show to get it out to you by Friday, but I’m not feeling the energy for it, so I’m writing to you instead. Don’t worry, the coffee will be “brewing” very soon, but I always follow my inspiration and joy rather than sticking <<< continue reading >>>

The Answer to Everything: Become Like a Child – Coffee Time 47

Noelle with little Noelle (300x300)

After last week's show about the key to finding your life purpose, I received the question from one of you: "Noelle, I'm so inspired and now I know what my passion and purpose is. But what do I DO with this knowledge? What steps do I take to follow this dream?" And as I pondered <<< continue reading >>>

7 Amazing Changes Since the Uncoupling – Coffee Time 42


Although it's only been 5 weeks since Vince and I uncoupled, I've already noticed amazingly positive changes within me. There are tremendous benefits to having this time to invest in myself. I filmed today's show outside at a state park in Northeastern Tennessee where I'm staying right now. It was a dream come true to <<< continue reading >>>

Noelle Salton Sea (400x300)

As I mentioned in my blog post yesterday, it is beyond my comprehension and wildest dreams that I have already launched a SCHOOL, within just 2 months of embarking on my Dreams to Reality Tour. I have successfully built the School for Dreamers, with 7 amazing students, a full first course which includes DYNAMIC weekly <<< continue reading >>>

Whatever You THINK, Will BE: I Choose Easy, and Life is EASY

Do you have ANY idea how POWERFUL you are? Do you know that if you DECIDE life will be EASY, it will be? My entire life, I thought singing was difficult for me, and so it was. The MOMENT I decided it was easy, it became EASY. I thought songwriting was impossible for me and <<< continue reading >>>

My 9-year-old gut told me something was wrong when my pastor crawled into bed between me and his daughter. I remember slipping out of bed, going in the bathroom and looking at myself in the mirror, panicked beyond my little body’s capacity, You need to get out of here, Noelle. Sneak past the bed into <<< continue reading >>>