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How to Cut Soul Ties and Return to JOY – Coffee Time 45


I took a break from looking at YouTube comments over the Easter weekend, and it was a really nice break. And when I went back to them Monday morning, it felt like getting hit in the gut. There were several toxic comments, and I realized it was time for a boundary. A few of you <<< continue reading >>>

Was Marrying Vince a Mistake? What Do I Think About Marriage Now?


Today is the anniversary of my wedding. Exactly 5 years ago on March 19, 2011 I said, “I do” to Vince Amendola, the most amazing person I’ve ever known. And yet six weeks ago, we consciously uncoupled. We decided we needed to go on separate journeys at this point in our lives. Who knows what <<< continue reading >>>

How to Rise Above Relationship-Attachment Addiction – Coffee Time 38


I've been solo all week since Vince and I split ways so I'm thrilled to connect with you today, my beloved spiritual family. It's been another intense week, to say the least. Lots of healing and conquering fear and facing every "demon" that emerges when you come face to face with yourself. I'm rising above all <<< continue reading >>>

Big News: Vince and I Are Consciously Uncoupling – Coffee Time 37

Serious Dock V and N

I never imagined that I would be writing to you this week from a new reality: I am solo in the van now. Vince and I are no longer in a romantic relationship. We have decided to consciously uncouple, a term I learned from Gwyneth Paltrow, which I LOVE so much better than the word <<< continue reading >>>

Your Kids Are Not Yours: Let Them Go and Be Free!

When Vince and I were first dating, his daughter Autumn was about to turn 7, and she was his whole world.  I had never met a more devoted, strong, affectionate, amazing dad, and his love for Autumn was one of the things that greatly attracted me to him. But I noticed, that mixed in with <<< continue reading >>>

Last night Vince and I attended a private party to honor my friend Ray Berglund on his 81st birthday. I met Ray and his exquisite wife Phyllis last summer at a pivotal time in my life.

I was sitting outside Starbucks writing the musical story of my life, knowing that I needed emotional and spiritual support in order to make my dream of performing Noelle Remembers for a full, live and engaged audience a reality. Vince and I had been in quite a cocoon socially, and did not have many friends.

But in walked Ray and Phyllis to Starbucks, and our spirits instantly connected.


On a Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago, my husband Vince left for work and I didn’t want him to go – I felt this pang of longing to spend more time with him, to continue the magical weekend that we had been having. I let myself fully FEEL this longing – not the unhealthy <<< continue reading >>>

helping hands

For quite some time I have been in a cocoon with my rapidly evolving views on faith and Christianity. This week was my coming out. It was the moment I’ve been deathly afraid of, because I knew that coming out as having moved beyond Christianity would cause great discomfort for me. I knew that I <<< continue reading >>>

The Power of Looking Beyond Someone’s Ego, to Her Spirit


Great news! The friend who messaged me on Monday, begging me to consider that I had been deceived by the Enemy, sent me the most wonderful reply yesterday. She said, “Thank you Noelle! I really really appreciate your response and the graceful way in which you received what I had to say and how you <<< continue reading >>>

I have the life that I always dreamed of having, except for one major part: motherhood. Since I was a little girl I dreamed of being a mom – I could almost ‘feel’ my kids: I imagined giving birth, holding them, nursing them, raising them with my values, and being the best mom I could <<< continue reading >>>