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CT 88

After a 3-month break, I'm back! Today I talk about my current relationship status, my grandma's passing, and my music dreams coming true. It's so good to be back with you <<< continue reading >>>

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I had a GINORMOUS breakthrough this week. As it is with most big breakthroughs, I had to journey through some darkness to get to the light. If you remember last week's show, I was so excited to share with you how amazing it was to realize I was so strong and good without any man <<< continue reading >>>


Happy Friday! It IS a happy day! There's been such a BIG shift in me since the last Coffee Time episode 2 weeks ago and I'm in a whole new season. Wow, it seems I've been catapulting through new seasons insanely fast these days. This season is full of strength and energy and joy and <<< continue reading >>>

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You have a dream. I know you do. Maybe you think you just can't WAIT for it to come true. You would just LOVE to snap your fingers right now and make it a reality. But have you ever thought about what it would actually DO to you, if your dream came true right this <<< continue reading >>>

THIS is What Happens When You’re Authentic – Coffee Time 79

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Something BIG has happened to me. I was not joking when I said last week's vulnerability was like jumping off a cliff. It's like I've been falling ever since, and landed in a whole new world. Or at least I'm attempting to land. The very last thing I EVER expected to happen from being so <<< continue reading >>>

How To Break Free from a Codependent Relationship – Coffee Time 74


First of all, I want to say how overwhelmingly blessed I am by the response from all of you last week. WOW and DOUBLE WOW!!!! I am STILL processing and letting all of it sink in. I received email after email, describing to me just how important Coffee Time is to you and how much <<< continue reading >>>

It’s a WHOLE New Life for Me — Coffee Time 73

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WOW I've missed you. It's been almost half a year since I've been with you here on the newsletter and Coffee Time, and I am overjoyed to come out of hiding and be with you again. As I describe on the show today, I feel like my life will forever be viewed (by me) as <<< continue reading >>>

How To Use Anger to Create Boundaries with Family – Coffee Time 70

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Is there someone in your life who is holding you back emotionally, but you feel like it would be MEAN to cut them out of your life, or to create a strong boundary with them? For most of my life I played the role in my family of caretaker, spiritual strength, always available, counselor, doormat <<< continue reading >>>

Family holding back

This is SCARY. I'm gonna be very honest and vulnerable with you today, and this is probably the most nervous I've been for a Coffee Time show. I had been planning to do this important topic all week, but then talked myself out of it several times the day before, and woke up in a fog <<< continue reading >>>

How to Cut Soul Ties and Return to JOY – Coffee Time 45


I took a break from looking at YouTube comments over the Easter weekend, and it was a really nice break. And when I went back to them Monday morning, it felt like getting hit in the gut. There were several toxic comments, and I realized it was time for a boundary. A few of you <<< continue reading >>>