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It’s My Birthday: I Can Cry If I Want To

happy tears

Image Credit: Arun Anand The tears I cried on the way to my birthday breakfast with my mom yesterday were not sad tears. I wept for joy because I received a VERY unique gift from a Facebook friend. This is a special birthday, because it’s my first birthday after ‘coming out’ spiritually to the world <<< continue reading >>>

I'll admit it, I am a hopeless Christmas romantic. As soon as the first snowfall came a couple of weeks ago, I busted out the Christmas movies and music and I'm in a perpetually good mood all during this special time of year.

It's also a MUSICAL time for me, and the songwriting is FLOWING!

I want to share some of this musical bounty with you, and connect with you in a very personal and unique way by writing you a song. And since the holiday season is here, the song I write could be a song for someone special in your life who you want to bless at Christmas.