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Loving Yourself


A deep life-long shame has been coming to the surface of my heart lately. It’s a recurring theme, this particular shame, and it’s been the catalyst for 2 of the biggest spiritual awakenings in my life. And yet, here it is again, something I thought was gone . . . rearing its ugly head, making <<< continue reading >>>

Why Raising My Coaching Rates Is Bringing Me JOY and CONFIDENCE

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Money. Just the word MONEY causes a myriad of emotions for people, and for most people, they are not positive emotions. From the moment we enter the world, we begin absorbing all the limiting thoughts about money that are pervasive in our culture and families. “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “Work hard, and SAVE what <<< continue reading >>>

Life Is Not a Competition: Let Yourself Be YOU

As I embark on new and exciting parts of my destiny, my ego loves to tempt me to compare myself to others who are in similar careers as I am. I see what other leaders are doing and I am tempted to feel SMALL, or behind, or to think that I should CHANGE something I’m <<< continue reading >>>

I’m 18 Again!! I’m Taking Back the Lost Years

I have struggled for quite a few years with feeling like I’m BEHIND in my life. As I drifted through my 20s in a fog of depression, addictions, and loneliness, I anxiously watched life passing me by along with all of my big dreams. So even though, at age 36, I have transformed my life <<< continue reading >>>

girl crying

Last night I watched the series finale of Gilmore Girls. As the last poignant scene of Rory and her mother eating one last breakfast at Luke’s Diner faded away, I started crying. Not the kind of crying where tears gently stream down your face, but the kind of ugly crying where your chest tightens like <<< continue reading >>>

How To Be Your Own Best Friend and Rise Out of Depression

Do you talk to yourself? If so, what do you say? If you had a print out of all the things you think about yourself or say to yourself during a day, would it be an inspiring thing to read out loud? Are they the things you would say to your best friend? For most <<< continue reading >>>

This morning I had an uncomfortable conversation at Sprouts that left me feeling like I had betrayed myself. Why did I engage in a conversation that I really didn’t want to have? It was with one of the employees -- a middle-aged guy -- and it just caught me off-guard, I guess. He was a <<< continue reading >>>

How Embracing My Desire for TV Freed Me To Pursue My Purpose

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While I was jogging around Lake McIntosh last week after my daily journaling session, I had an epiphany: I have come to a place of TOTAL acceptance and trust in all my desires, yet the one desire I haven’t fully let myself embrace, is my TV watching. It dawned on me that although I am <<< continue reading >>>