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Healing from Loss

How to Turn Pain into Power – Coffee Time 90

CT 90

This has never happened before, in the history of Coffee Time. I began recording the show a couple days ago, and I had to stop in the middle of it. It wasn’t flowing. I felt blocked. Something was OFF. I felt stuck and stalled and to continue recording felt inauthentic. So 10 minutes in to <<< continue reading >>>

Grief Makes You Do Crazy Things


I was reading a blog post yesterday by one of my fellow warrior woman leaders who I admire, and I had this eerie, sad thought: “What happened to me? I used to write like that. I used to be full of wisdom and clarity and power and I spoke and wrote with insight and confidence <<< continue reading >>>

How To Break Free from a Codependent Relationship – Coffee Time 74


First of all, I want to say how overwhelmingly blessed I am by the response from all of you last week. WOW and DOUBLE WOW!!!! I am STILL processing and letting all of it sink in. I received email after email, describing to me just how important Coffee Time is to you and how much <<< continue reading >>>

5 Ways to Love Yourself Through a Painful Transition – Coffee Time 39

girl crying

18 days ago my life was shaken upside down. My life partner of 7 years, Vince, and I decided to consciously uncouple (a positive, loving divorce). And I had no idea the amount of pain in store for me as I faced losing the most amazing partner who I've built this incredible life with. The <<< continue reading >>>

5 Things I’ve Learned About Healing From Loss

SFD Week 2b (800x600)

Today is Day 9 since Vince and I decided to end our marriage and go our separate ways. In some ways these nine days since separating from him feel like a year. The emotional, physical, and spiritual intensity has been far beyond anything I’ve EVER experienced in my very full 37 years on this planet <<< continue reading >>>