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Following Your Dreams

4 Questions that Lead You to What You TRULY WANT – Coffee Time 77

CT 77

What you TRULY want in your deepest heart may be very different than what you THINK you want . . . .   I am ecstatic to be back with you after a couple weeks away. I missed you! Today's topic is so powerful and important, I can't even describe the joy and peace that <<< continue reading >>>

3 Steps to Make Your Dream a Reality – Coffee Time 76

Coffee Time 76a

Do you have laser-beam FOCUS on your dream life?   Last week we talked about the dream that's burning in your heart. That dream is your calling, your purpose, and your mission.   So now we're gonna talk about HOW to actually follow that dream. How do you turn that passionate desire into a physical <<< continue reading >>>

It’s Time to Let go of ALL LIMITS – Coffee Time 75

Coffee Time 75 thumb

I gotta tell you, there is something very special about today's Coffee Time episode. I recorded it very spontaneously, completely off my normal schedule, and the flow of energy astounded me. I completely lost track of time, and couldn't believe that it had been 40 minutes. It felt like 10. Even if you don't normally <<< continue reading >>>

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I was walking on Pearl St Mall in Boulder a couple of weeks ago, and I heard a singing voice that gave me chills. It's not everyday that you hear a voice like this, singing outside, crystal clear and strong -- so strong I could hear it a block away. I was so impacted, I <<< continue reading >>>


Do you ever wonder how to find your life purpose? What questions do you ask yourself to help lead you to your true calling and your destiny? This week I discovered the questions that a lot of us ask, which do NOT lead us to our purpose, as well as the magic question that DOES <<< continue reading >>>


Have you ever gone to a movie that hit your heart in just the right place, at just the right time? WOW. I have. Last night I saw the true story movie, “Eddie the Eagle” about the 1988 Olympic ski jumper, Michael (Eddie) Edwards. I went by myself, sat in the very back row, and <<< continue reading >>>

Stories from Time with Mom and trip to Tennessee – Coffee Time 40


I had an awesome time with my mom in Florida. WOW what a perfect time for Mom to love on me. She is so amazing, and we had four perfect days that we will never forget. Thank you so much, Mom!!! Then I took off for Tennessee, and now I find myself in some snow <<< continue reading >>>

There is Room for Me to Be ME

Dock profile

Can you feel the shift? There is energy and momentum increasing in the awakening of the planet. You may be noticing all of the horrible traumatic events taking place all over the world, but I am noticing the increase in connections and people who are waking up spiritually. There is no shortage of connections for me <<< continue reading >>>

How My Blistered Feet Reminded Me to Choose Joy

DSC00391 (800x600)

Yesterday Vince and I went on a LONG walk on the beach -- barefoot. It was just what I needed after recording the most momentous episode of Coffee Time ever, where I revealed my soul to the world about my current beliefs. The sand felt so wonderful under my toes. Until about 3 miles in <<< continue reading >>>

The First Tour is Completed – Time to CELEBRATE!!!

DSC00697 (400x300)

I am very surprised that I am writing to you today from Colorado. Yes, that’s right.  For the moment I am right back in Longmont, CO where I started this tour 3 months ago. The winds of Spirit drew us suddenly back here, one month earlier than we originally planned. I feel a huge SHIFT <<< continue reading >>>