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Trust Your Desires

You GUYS!!! Today's Coffee Time is OFF THE HOOK!!! If you struggle with anxiety about money or you are currently questioning what to do next in your life related to money, I strongly urge you to watch today's powerful episode. I tell some crazy stories today about how this is working for me and the <<< continue reading >>>

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2018 is already feeling so BRIGHT! YAY! I’m pretty happy about this, because 2017 kicked my BUTT. There were some REALLY dark moments. And I mean . . . DARK. Moments in which I felt like I had completely LOST myself. And in the midst of some of that darkness and pain, it was easy <<< continue reading >>>

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I reached a point a couple days ago when I felt, again, this intense craving and longing for a partner. And instead of ignoring it or shaming myself for it, I met myself again, right in the middle of the feeling. And it's just MAGICAL, every time I choose to FEEL instead of to shame <<< continue reading >>>

Why You Don’t Always Have To Be Grateful – Coffee Time 71

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Did you know you don't ALWAYS have to be grateful? I was on a coaching call last week and a client asked me a GREAT question: "Noelle, how do you balance your desire for 50 million YouTube subscribers with gratitude for what you already have? These 2 thoughts seem opposing to me." And yes, he's right <<< continue reading >>>

Trust your DESIRES

Do you know that your desires are good? Do you know that they lead you to your purpose, to your destiny, to your best self? Do you know how to trust your desires and your energy, EVEN when it seems crazy or when others judge you for doing so?   This practice of learning to <<< continue reading >>>


Is there something you want that you feel BAD about wanting? Do you have a roller-coaster relationship with something (or someone) in your life, and judge yourself for this? Well, my relationship with food and coffee has been like this for many years, until I had a breakthrough a few years ago after fasting for <<< continue reading >>>

Why I LOVE My Ego

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There's a lot of talk in the spiritual world of awakening about spirit vs. ego. I myself have written about it a lot. It’s true, in Spirit we are free, and in ego, we are chained. Spirit = love, ego = fear. And on and on. And I think because of these basic truths about <<< continue reading >>>

snowfall in town

The snow is falling here in Longmont, Colorado today, as I know it is in many other parts of the country. I can’t contain the deeply joyful, magical feeling that invades me every time I experience the first snowfall of the year. I wish I could capture my emotions on this day and feel this <<< continue reading >>>

How Do You Handle Desire (When You Want It So Badly It HURTS!)?

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This morning Vince and I watched CBS Sunday Morning, and saw an interview with Sam Smith. I love this guy’s voice and music SO much. By the end of the segment, I was feeling intense emotion, tears brimming  - and lots more on their way. I made sure to tell Vince to pause it right <<< continue reading >>>