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Beyond Fear


My life is suddenly MAGIC. The moment I took off from Minnesota on my road trip out west, I felt my path opening up for me. I’m in a new world. After a LOT of darkness and pain, my life is suddenly so full of energy, abundance, miracles, music, connections, and magic, that literally my <<< continue reading >>>

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WOW. The momentum of my life is not slowing down, but only getting faster. Another gigantic SHIFT occurred in my life this week, on the wings of pain and trauma between me and my family. I can not share details because I need to respect their privacy. However, I can say that it was one <<< continue reading >>>

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WOW. 2 big FIRSTS this week. FIRST date in 8 years. And FIRST LIVE COFFEE TIME SHOW!!! This is so huge for me. We'll get to the romance part in a bit, but first I gotta tell you about this LIVE Facebook video thing. This breakthrough of doing Coffee Time live on Facebook, started with <<< continue reading >>>

I Can’t Believe I’m Sharing This With You – Coffee Time 78

biggest secret final

I really am blown away that I'm going to share this with you today. If you had asked me just a few days ago, if I would ever share this with my audience publicly, I would have said, "Absolutely not. That's for the private depths of my heart alone -- no one else should know <<< continue reading >>>


As the negative, hateful comments have increased on my YouTube channel this week, I've been struck by an epiphany: We really do CHOOSE our reality. We CHOOSE what we see. And whatever we choose, we create more of. If we choose heaven, we will experience heaven. If we choose hell, we will experience hell. As <<< continue reading >>>

Why I Am Befriending YouTube Trolls – Coffee Time 43


I used to avoid negative, mean comments on my YouTube channel at all costs. I'm a very sensitive person, and sometimes it would take me days to recover from reading a particularly nasty remark from a troll on my channel. But my recent relationship breakup has made me stronger. I feel more resilient and more <<< continue reading >>>

Choose to Feel Safe and You Will Be Safe

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  I had a MOMENTOUS breakthrough in rising above fear being alone in the van last night. I’m gonna share it with you straight out of my journal: 7:22 pm Sat February 6 "I’m feeling better tonight in the van. When I pulled into the Walmart parking lot there was a middle-aged black man standing <<< continue reading >>>

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What are you stressed about today? What feels heavy? Maybe you have a big job interview, or you are concerned about your ever-growing debt, or you just got a traffic ticket. Maybe you just had a fight with your spouse, or you woke up and didn’t want to go to work today. Maybe life just <<< continue reading >>>

How A Little Girl Named Noelle Abolished All My Fears

Noelle with little Noelle (300x300)

I had my first book signing / musical lecture yesterday at a bookstore – Changing Hands in Phoenix, Arizona. This was a HUGE new level for me, to step UP into this dream of being an author/speaker – to let it become a physical reality in my life. It was scary. Even calling the bookstore <<< continue reading >>>

How Embracing My Biggest Fear Unlocked My Destiny


If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you know that things EXPLODED on my blog yesterday.  Anita Moorjani, one of my great heroes, shared one of my blog posts on her Fan page to her 77,000+ fans, and my views skyrocketed.  I saw my dreams materializing before my eyes!! The day I originally published that <<< continue reading >>>