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Beyond Christianity


Can you see the wonder and joy on my face in this picture of my 2nd birthday party, and the even greater joy on my dad’s face, as he delights in my happiness? Imagine a birthday just like this, a couple years later, where my dad decides to tell me the most important story I <<< continue reading >>>

Does Anyone Spend Eternity In Hell?


My cousin Reggie posted this question on my Facebook fan page: “Do you think anyone spends eternity in hell?” Thank you for this great question, Reggie! I would love to expand on this topic, which I have only briefly skimmed in my previous posts. To understand why people have such a firm belief in hell <<< continue reading >>>


My friend Nathan has responded in full and great detail on Facebook to my blog post from October 25 (read that post here to catch up). I’m going to respond now to him again so we can continue this enlightening conversation about the Bible and where we find truth. I can’t thank you, enough, Nathan <<< continue reading >>>

cross necklace

My dear friend from college, Amelia, posted a comment publicly on Facebook yesterday: I'm confused. So, do you follow Jesus? Or not? And how does following Jesus make you not a Christian? What's the freaking difference? I mean, we've all gone through times when we didn't particularly like the Bible... I just feel like saying <<< continue reading >>>

The Book That Led Me to Let Go of Christianity: ‘Dying To Be Me’

Dying To Be ME

Obviously it is never ONE single book or life experience that leads us to take a huge leap of faith. I was already on a journey away from Christianity when this book appeared at just the right time in my spiritual development – June of 2013. I was on a path that was surprising to <<< continue reading >>>

my descent into death

Lest you think I have ignorantly blinded myself to the idea of a place called Hell where people are punished forever, I want to openly share with you a book that vividly describes a first-hand experience with what the author interprets as hell. Howard Storm’s book, My Descent Into Death, is a riveting account of <<< continue reading >>>


Last night my precious friend Heather from high school commented on yesterday’s blog regarding Salvation, Heaven, and Hell. I appreciate her heart so much, and the graciousness with which she disagreed with me and shared her thoughts. This kind of comment I can fully respond to, because she is reaching out to my heart, seeing <<< continue reading >>>

heaven and hell

Yesterday my Facebook friend Michael Peck publicly commented on my Bible blog post, and I appreciate his thoughts SO much! He said a lot, but one section of his comment is a great lead-in to the BIG topic for today: “I really appreciate your heart in this. I feel like you are trying to set <<< continue reading >>>


My friend Nathan from college had 2 great questions about my Bible post from yesterday, and I'm dedicating today's blog post to answering them. 1) You say the bible is not your source of truth...what is?  The Bible is not my main source of truth. I have received a lot of wisdom and truth from <<< continue reading >>>


I had a great question come from a reader yesterday: “If you are all about love and freedom I really can't see why you have ‘left Christianity’. The heart of Christianity is love and freedom, peace and joy that is truly exhilarating -- so hearing this makes no sense.” And while I will respond more <<< continue reading >>>