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Beyond Christianity

Reading Time: The Book That Led Me to Let Go of Christianity

Have you ever read a book that changed your life? I have. It's called Dying To Be Me, by Anita Moorjani. This book impacted me SO much, I wrote about it a LOT in my own first book, Bliss Beyond Belief. In today's 8-min. episode of "Reading Time" I read out of my book, Bliss <<< continue reading >>>

Time to Share the FULL ME Again


I’m gonna be honest with you, I’ve been holding back a big part of myself lately. Last year this same time, I blogged about my journey of moving beyond Christianity . . . and it was scary and exciting and controversial and it was kind of the rite of passage for me becoming a fully <<< continue reading >>>

Is Life Easy Or Difficult? You Decide

Everywhere we turn we see a new message that tells us to WORK HARD. Having a busy life is considered a sign of success. I remember when I was a part of the rat race in the corporate world, there was this unwritten rule that appearing really busy and stressed meant you were doing your <<< continue reading >>>

winter wonderland with cross

In every experience of our lives, we choose what we see. One person looks at the snow falling today, and sees only the discomforting realities: dangerous roads, freezing temperatures, annoying commute to work, etc. And another person sees only the beauty and magic:  She sees the snow as fairy dust that covers everything with purity <<< continue reading >>>

beautiful autumn path

As my journey led me beyond Christian theology, but still in deep fascination with Jesus, his famous words: “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Me,” (John 14:6) were beckoning me to further exploration. I had always resonated with that verse, and still did, so <<< continue reading >>>

Response to Pastor Amy: Original Sin vs. Original Innocence

Amy Joyner family

I’m dedicating today’s blog post to a comment from Amy, who is a mother to beautiful triplets (OMG bless your heart!) and before that was a pastor at the church where Vince and I got married and most recently attended. This church is a shining example of the goodness in Christianity where they have a <<< continue reading >>>

angry bird with dog

As I have mentioned before in my posts, I do not like offending people. And yet, when you have chosen a life mission that involves dismantling the belief system of the world’s most prominent religion, you are going to offend. I have accepted this. HOWEVER, yesterday, when I saw that I offended yet another dear <<< continue reading >>>

battle cat

My entire life as a Christian, I saw life as a battle, because that is how the Bible describes it. I learned that there is an Enemy named Satan, along with all his demons who follow him. I am not going to pretend to be an expert on what actually exists in the spiritual realms <<< continue reading >>>

Yesterday my friend Kimiko from college asked some great questions publicly on Facebook about WHO I'm intending to reach with my message. She said, Who is your intended audience in all of this? Are you trying to engage Christians and change our minds? Are you trying to speak to people who think like you? Do <<< continue reading >>>

gay couple men

My entire life as a Bible-believing Evangelical Christian, I was taught that homosexuality was a sin. While Jesus never specifically mentioned it at all, the Apostle Paul did a LOT. He called it out very specifically several times in his New Testament writings. If you accept the Bible as the perfect, infallible Word of God <<< continue reading >>>