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Can You Be Friends with Your Ex? and My Love Life Update – Coffee Time 81

Happy Friday!
It IS a happy day! There’s been such a BIG shift in me since the last Coffee Time episode 2 weeks ago and I’m in a whole new season. Wow, it seems I’ve been catapulting through new seasons insanely fast these days. This season is full of strength and energy and joy and passion and expansion and action and energy .. wait, did I already say energy?? YES so much life and energy! And after all the pain I’ve been through, it feels SO good to feel SO GOOD! But it’s not for the reason that you might think. Stay tuned for an update on my love life.
First, I want to tell you about Vince because I know you care about him just like I do and I want to let you know how incredibly GREAT he is doing! He is happier than I’ve ever known him to be, having recently discovered his passion for working with HORSES. He is on a horse ranch in the Rocky Mountains and is simply LOVING it. He is finding that he is a natural at working with horses and it’s just the beginning of a very exciting new career for him. When I talk to him and hear the passion in his voice, I am overjoyed at what is happening with him. You can watch his recent ranch videos on his YouTube channel HERE and follow his exciting journey.
On the show today I begin by talking about the incredible phenomenon of my new relationship with Vince, post-breakup. We are no longer in a romantic relationship, and yet I feel more love for him than ever. We are experiencing true unconditional love for each other, the kind of love that allows us to continue to support each other even though we are no longer in a romantic partnership. If I wasn’t experiencing it, I wouldn’t believe it was possible. But it is. I think the highest form of love is when you can support someone else’s happiness EVEN if it means you are not directly apart of that happiness. I’m grateful to be experiencing this kind of love. Truly blessed.
Now to my love life update. There’s been another twist in the roller-coaster ride, and I’m going with it! The guy who came into my life a few weeks ago is no longer in my life in that same way. I thought we were moving towards a romantic partnership but there’s been a shift and either he’s not the right one or it’s not the right time. Either way, the VERY exciting thing, is that I AM GOOD! I’m even happier, actually, than I was before. How is that possible? Because I am discovering my deep strength and wholeness that is not found in a man. The fact that I can allow a relationship into my life for 3 weeks and fully GO for it and experience it and allow it to heal me and serve as a catalyst for growth, but then to let it go when it’s run its course, is SO exciting for me! This is definitely progress. I think we always want to attach ourselves to possible romantic partners and sometimes they are only meant to come into our lives for a short period of time. I am discovering a whole new level of strength and security within myself that is BEYOND exciting to me. I am finding HOME within me. And discovering that EVERYTHING I need is within me. Does this mean I’m giving up on the desire for a partner? Absolutely not! I feel more ready than ever to invite love into my life. READY! EXCITED! And WHOLE! It’s a great feeling.
One of the main things this guy did for me is he helped me to fully let go of Vince. I really needed that catalyst to allow me do that. It’s been such a long road with Vince, and it’s just time to move on. And all of a sudden, I feel all of the heaviness and pain just GONE. I’m not crying at night anymore. I’m feeling alive and free and passionate and ready for whatever’s next for me. I’m no longer looking back, but FULLY moving forward.
YAY!! Thank you for celebrating with me! Watch the show today for SO MUCH MORE!!!

P.S. Do you know of someone who would be encouraged by this message? Please share this with him/her today. Spread the JOY!!
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