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Wow. BIG. STUFF. HAPPENING. Where to begin? I am up high in the mountains of New Mexico on a retreat at my girlfriend Terri Cook's house, and it’s a good thing because I needed a break from the intensity of the explosion in my online world. So refreshing to be here! I feel so revived <<< continue reading >>>


As I have stayed absolutely true to my sparkle, it has led me down a path I least expected. This is a gigantic turning point in my life, my heart, and my mission on this earth. The shift that has taken place is causing a huge divide in my audience. I am losing some of <<< continue reading >>>


You GUYS!!! Today's Coffee Time is OFF THE HOOK!!! If you struggle with anxiety about money or you are currently questioning what to do next in your life related to money, I strongly urge you to watch today's powerful episode. I tell some crazy stories today about how this is working for me and the <<< continue reading >>>


My life is suddenly MAGIC. The moment I took off from Minnesota on my road trip out west, I felt my path opening up for me. I’m in a new world. After a LOT of darkness and pain, my life is suddenly so full of energy, abundance, miracles, music, connections, and magic, that literally my <<< continue reading >>>


I Am a Serial Monogamist and Proud of It – Coffee Time 91

CT 91 Thumb

Today is a big day for me. It’s coming out day. I feel like I’m coming out of the closet of shame in an area I’ve finally accepted and embraced as who I am. It’s something I’ve always been, and something I’ve always been judged for. To finally accept this aspect of who I am <<< continue reading >>>


A deep life-long shame has been coming to the surface of my heart lately. It’s a recurring theme, this particular shame, and it’s been the catalyst for 2 of the biggest spiritual awakenings in my life. And yet, here it is again, something I thought was gone . . . rearing its ugly head, making <<< continue reading >>>


How to Turn Pain into Power – Coffee Time 90

CT 90

This has never happened before, in the history of Coffee Time. I began recording the show a couple days ago, and I had to stop in the middle of it. It wasn’t flowing. I felt blocked. Something was OFF. I felt stuck and stalled and to continue recording felt inauthentic. So 10 minutes in to <<< continue reading >>>


This is normally the day I would record the Coffee Time talk show to get it out to you by Friday, but I’m not feeling the energy for it, so I’m writing to you instead. Don’t worry, the coffee will be “brewing” very soon, but I always follow my inspiration and joy rather than sticking <<< continue reading >>>

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2018 is already feeling so BRIGHT! YAY! I’m pretty happy about this, because 2017 kicked my BUTT. There were some REALLY dark moments. And I mean . . . DARK. Moments in which I felt like I had completely LOST myself. And in the midst of some of that darkness and pain, it was easy <<< continue reading >>>


Grief Makes You Do Crazy Things


I was reading a blog post yesterday by one of my fellow warrior woman leaders who I admire, and I had this eerie, sad thought: “What happened to me? I used to write like that. I used to be full of wisdom and clarity and power and I spoke and wrote with insight and confidence <<< continue reading >>>