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BLISS BEYOND BELIEF is now Available on!!

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Hello my beautiful friends,

I am VERY excited to announce that my first book, Bliss Beyond Belief: The Journey Out of Pain Into Your Highest Destiny is now published as an e-book!!

I am AMAZED at how fast and magically this book flowed out of me.   I refused to agree with the lie that writing a book needs to be a long process, difficult and arduous.  It was easy and fun, and it’s a POWERFUL book.

Bliss Beyond Belief is an inspirational memoir of my incredible life.  I used my dramatic life experiences as the platform for motivating the reader to choose a life of purpose and passion.   Due to the trauma of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of my Christian pastor, my journey led me through the darkness of depression, loneliness, addictions, divorce, and conversion to Islam.

At my rock bottom moment in 2008, I had a LIFE-CHANGING spiritual encounter.

All of this is covered within the first chapter, and the rest of the 201-page e-book is a powerful, motivating description of the magical life I have walked into as a result of my encounter with LOVE.

Each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of my life that has been revolutionized as I’ve learned to connect deeply with God by discovering my magnificence.

1. From Trauma to AWAKENING
2. From Fear to LOVE
3. From Pain to HEALING
4. From Addiction to FREEDOM
5. From Loneliness to TRUE LOVE
6. From Insecurity to MAGNIFICENCE
7. From Obligation to JOY
8. From Stress to SIMPLICITY
9. From Religion to SPIRIT

With clarity, specifics, and tangible examples, I show YOU how to walk into the life of YOUR dreams.  Get ready for a jam-packed, HIGHLY inspirational read with insights that are fresh and mind-blowing.

If you are open to miracles and the possibility of transformation beyond religion, I know this book could change your life.   I’ve held nothing back – I write from my heart in raw and candid detail, letting my life be the vulnerable conduit to your own life-changing experience.

Click HERE to buy it today for only $6.99!

I leave you today with another personalized song that came from Carri SanPedro for her husband Tommy.  She wrote me a letter describing her love for him, and it was SO easy to set it to music because her words were so heart-felt.  I am LOVING this gorgeous song today.  Enjoy and have a beautiful Christmas and holiday season!


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