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Big News: I’m Hitting the Road! and How I’m Dealing with the Fear of Live Music Videos — Coffee Time 84

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WOW. The momentum of my life is not slowing down, but only getting faster. Another gigantic SHIFT occurred in my life this week, on the wings of pain and trauma between me and my family. I can not share details because I need to respect their privacy. However, I can say that it was one of the most painful nights of my life and it is also one of the biggest blessings of my life because it has made it clear that I am not supposed to stay in my current living situation. So I am taking all the pain and anger and transforming it into inspired, courageous ACTION.

I am going on a solo traveling adventure around the country! This is a vision I’ve had for years, to travel on my own around the U.S. At this point in my life, being single, I will be able to have limitless adventure! I know I want to be out with you, hug you, and talk with you over coffee. I know I want to sing and speak and share my love in person with lots of people. I know I want to travel and do videos of my adventures for you. It’s gonna be so exciting!! EPIC, in fact.

When? Not sure yet. Could be in a couple weeks, or a couple months.

I have 2 basic needs in order for this to happen:
A vehicle (either a mobile home or a car)
Money for gas and food

And here’s where you come in. It’s time to ramp up the financial support from my faithful viewers, like you. If you are regularly inspired by Coffee Time and these writings please consider what my work is worth to you. My gift to you for ANY amount donation during the whole month of June, is to send you a PDF copy of your choice of one of my VERY inspiring books, either Bliss Beyond Belief or Activate Your Power. Both are life-changing books and have helped MANY people! I’m so excited to send one of them to you (your choice) in return for a donation this month.

And VERY exciting news: I now have the option set up for you to become a MONTHLY sponsor. Even a monthly donation of $5-$10 per month will help me so much, especially with MANY of you giving. This is not a new thing I’m doing, and I know it is difficult for some people to understand. This is a beautiful way for those of us who are creative artists to be supported in our work. I JOYFULLY and unashamedly receive support for my passionate work and I’m so grateful to share this joy with you!

Click here to donate:

Also on the show today I share how I am dealing with the FEAR of doing LIVE music videos on Facebook. It’s a fascinating discussion that will encourage you, especially if there is something YOU want to do that you are currently feeling afraid to do. There’s an answer!

Enjoy the show today! I love you so much. You are magnificent.


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