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Why I Am Befriending YouTube Trolls – Coffee Time 43


I used to avoid negative, mean comments on my YouTube channel at all costs. I’m a very sensitive person, and sometimes it would take me days to recover from reading a particularly nasty remark from a troll on my channel. But my recent relationship breakup has made me stronger. I feel more resilient and more able to rise above negativity and judgment. It’s not something I’m “working” at doing, it’s just the natural result of having faced my biggest fear (losing Vince as my partner).

And because of this new strength, I’ve recently been exploring the fact that I can actually read these comments and even respond to them if I want to. And this week I’ve even gone so far as to become friendly with a few of the ‘trolls’ on my YouTube channel. It all unfolded very naturally and I didn’t realize what a big deal this was until I was telling my brother John about it on the phone the other night. He literally started laughing with joy and I could palpably feel the energy from him coming through the phone. He said, “Sis, that’s AMAZING. WOW!!!”

And I realized, YES. It kind of IS amazing. So I decided to talk all about it on the show today. And I even feature one of my biggest trolls. His name is Andy, and I was inspired to feature him on the show because he wins the prize for the most creatively mean comment I’ve ever received. I’m happy to say, that Andy and I are now on pretty friendly terms. It’s kind of exciting what a little LOVE in return for hate can do.

Also on the show today I tell a couple of stories of how I have had 2 Divine encounters on the road this week that show me that although I am without a partner, I am definitely NOT alone. This has been a miraculous, amazing week, and I’m so excited to share it all with you on Coffee Time today.

As always, thank you for joining me on the journey!!

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