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The Answer to Everything: Become Like a Child – Coffee Time 47

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After last week’s show about the key to finding your life purpose, I received the question from one of you:

“Noelle, I’m so inspired and now I know what my passion and purpose is. But what do I DO with this knowledge? What steps do I take to follow this dream?”

And as I pondered that loaded question, I thought a lot about the way I have followed my dreams. And I realized it’s had nothing to do with making a plan or concocting a strategy. In fact, it’s had everything to do with LETTING GO of all that stuff. It’s all been about embracing who I am. Getting in touch with my heart. Finding myself. And finding myself has boiled down to ONE thing:

Becoming like a child.

Because when you become like a child and let go of all the adult stuff, when you get out of your head and get in touch with joy and trust and wonder, the answers just come. You don’t have to brainstorm.

Your heart speaks to you, and you learn how to listen to it. Or rather, you silence all the other voices so you can hear your heart’s voice that’s been speaking to you all along.

And the BEST way I can describe the process of doing that, the BEST picture I can give you for the kind of freedom that leads you to the next step in following your dreams, is this picture of a return to childhood.

What is it about children that is so magical and powerful?

Here are the 7 Qualities of Little Children that I talk about in depth today on the show:

1) No Inhibitions

Little kids haven’t learned shame or embarrassment They just DO stuff, they play, they explore, with no thoughts of what will happen if they make a mistake or fall on their butts. They just LIVE. They haven’t learned that some people are mean and will judge them for being who they are. Can you remember what that was like? Is it possible to be like that now?


Little kids haven’t learned fear or lack. They just trust that their parents will provide for them. They have no worries. This sense of trust allows them to be who they are. Is this kind of trust possible for you to choose now?


Little kids are alive and awake and curious. Everything is magical and miraculous. They haven’t learned that anything is boring or dull. They are FULL of wonder. When did you lose your sense of wonder? Can you recapture it?

4) Know their Greatness

Little kids don’t question their sense of worthiness. They don’t have a compulsion to earn their worth or to prove that they’ve done something worthwhile with their time. They are content to just BE, because they’ve never questioned that their existence is enough. Can you let go of the need to produce something with your time, and just KNOW that you are worthy, no matter what you do?

5) Live in the Moment

Little kids live in the moment. They don’t worry about tomorrow. They don’t think about the future. They are fully engaged in the one moment that really matters: right NOW. What future worries can you let go of, what past regrets can you let go of, to free yourself to BE here NOW?

6) Playful and Creative

Little kids explore everything. Life is a playground, a wonderland to enjoy. They don’t question their ability to create. They can’t NOT create. Everything they do is creating. They haven’t learned that there’s anything difficult about creating. Can you embrace the fact that YOU are a creator, that your very nature is creative?

7) They SHINE!!

Little kids don’t think about judgment or comparison or greatness, they just share themselves and their creations effortlessly, like breathing. They are confident. They SHINE. Because they haven’t learned there is anything scary about shining.

Throughout your life you have learned to fear, to doubt, to question your heart, to plan, to analyze, to protect yourself, etc. etc.

And somewhere along the way you probably lost touch with your inner child: that part of you that is connected to Spirit. That part of you that is the most TRUE part of who you are. That part of you that innately KNOWS the answers for your life. That part of you that can just explore with no thoughts of failure.

Today’s show could be life-changing for you, my precious friend. If you have a longing to be free from the concerns of this world, to shine more brightly, to release those creative passions within you, to be free from what others think of you, then open your heart and watch today’s show.

Let’s discover how to become like little kids again and set ourselves free to BE who we really are!

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